Garry (iClass) McCollum

My name is Garry McCollum (iClass). I live in Central Louisiana and have been there 27 years. (wow, makes me sound OLD). I am happily married and we have 3 children and one grandchild. I work in the oil and natural gas industry.

Garry McCollum

I started fishing at 3 years old, obviously with a little help. My first memory is of me, a small pole and a little rainbow trout on a lake shore. That is when it all started. I first started bass fishing when I was 14 years old and continued to today. I began fishing club tournaments when I was in my twenties. I have continued to fish in many tournament trails (when I have the time now) such as ABA, USA Bassin’, Bass N Bucks, Bass Champs, etc.

My first boat was a 12’ row boat and man did I think I was something when I mounted the first transom mount trolling motor to it! I made the progression up to a 14’ aluminum V-hull with a Mercury 9.8, and continued up to Bass boats. 16’ Hydra sport, Rangers, 19’ Procraft, and a 20’ Skeeter iClass with a 250hp Yamaha.

I have always been involved with the water. I was on a swim team, fished on a charter boat as a deckhand during the summers when I was in school; served in the Coast Guard; worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico for the oil/gas industry; scuba dive (to learn more about Bass in their natural environment), and have fished my entire life. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer and I will move to a home on the lake. Some of my other interests are, motorcycling, golf, football, and being a grandparent.

I no longer hunt. I still love it when everyone else does though, as it affords me ample time on the water and reduces the pressure on the fish. My best fishing of the year comes November thru April. I first found Ultimate Bass while researching different bodies of water in preparation for a tournament. I “lurked” in the background for awhile (as do a lot of members) and then became an active participant. I have found Ultimate Bass to be almost as strong as an “addiction” as Bass Fishing and I value my time spent here. I enjoy meeting other members and have made some great friends here.

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Garry (iClass) McCollum

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