Cass Caldwell Joins the Ultimate Bass Team

Hello, and welcome to Ultimate Bass. I am Cass Caldwell. Originally from Union City, Tennessee, I joined the Air Force in 1993 and currently live in Bossier City, Louisiana. I plan to make this my retirement location. I have been married to Corrina Caldwell since January 2000 and we have a 12-year old son named Caylex. I enjoy fishing, writing and making fishing videos for my YouTube channel. Ultimate Bass has given me an outlet to combine all of these passions.

Cass Caldwell

I have been fishing since I was old enough to hold a rod. I grew up around Reelfoot Lake where my grandfather earned a living as a guide; fishing in the summer and duck hunting in the winter. He once took Bill Dance pre-fishing before filming a show with the governor of Tennessee. It’s hard to pinpoint what got me hooked on fishing because I was surrounded by it my whole life from both sides of my family…uncles, aunts, cousins and even my great-grandmother. You really have no choice when fishing is in your blood. Between ponds, watersheds, Reelfoot Lake and Kentucky Lake, most everything in my recreational life growing up revolved around water. Even my mother, Sandy, had a passion for bass fishing and still does to this day. I can remember when I was five-years old; she bought me a new Zebco 33 and was showing me how to use it. She caught a bass with a small spinnerbait on the first or second cast and let me reel it in. Looking back, I would say that pivotal event ignited my passion for fishing.

Now that I am here in Louisiana, I mostly fish the Red River, Caddo Lake and several other local lakes. I spend 80-100 days on the water and fish as many tournaments as my Air Force schedule will allow. I am currently sponsored by V&M Baits, Norris Custom Jigs, Coolfoot, Mend-it, and Spot Remover hooks.

I will retire from the Air Force in September 2014 after almost 22 years of service and look forward to whatever the future holds. I am excited about the opportunity to work with the rest of the Ultimate Bass staff and hope to provide readers some useful information to help improve their angling skills.


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