Twin Cities Team Club 2005 Host Club

The Twin Cities Team Club (TCTC) was established in 2004.  We actually started with a get together tournament in December 2003, with 10 teams participating.  The TCTC was completely organized on the Ultimate Bass Fishing Reports web site, except for one organization meeting to discuss rules and guidelines.  The TCTC is a “team format” club, allowing members to fish with the same partner each tournament.  So far this year we have seen 4 husband/wife and two father/son teams, with 3 husband/wife teams and one father/son teams fishing on a regular basis.

There are no membership fees and tournament fees are set at $30.00 per boat for each tournament.  We have a 100% payout for the first 3 places and big bass, with payouts being made after each weigh-in.  Tournament site selection and all other business are handled on the Twin Cities Team Club board, a part of the Ultimate Bass Fishing Reports web site.  For 2004, we have averaged 8 boats per tournament for the first 10 tournaments.  The format of the club is fishing the first Sunday of each month for a total of 12 tournaments, with the best 9 being used to determine the annual team champion.

The TCTC was organized on the premise of having fun and developing friendships while still enjoying the challenges of tournament fishing.  Most of the members are very active members of the Ultimate Bass Fishing Forum and 5 of the members are also a part of the Ultimate Bass Team.  Different members of the TCTC often pair up for a fun day of fishing or to fish other local tournaments.

The TCTC won the first annual Ultimate Bass Club Shootout on the Calcasieu River in September 2004.  We also held a pool party with lots of good food, drinks, and fun.  Being friends is at the top of our list for the TCTC.

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