Shawn Grant

Hello, I am Shawn Grant. My wife and I team drive a Simi with a flat bed moving aircraft engines back and forth across the country. With our work schedule we don’t get as many days on the water as we used to, however a bonus is I can schedule my on the water time to be during the best fishing times of the year.

Shawn Grant

Home State: Texas
Home Lake: Brownwood
Days on the water: 50-80
Years Fishing experience: 35yr, Tournament fishing since age 14
When I joined UB: 2007

I have been an avid angler since I could walk. Spending countless hours fishing the Trinity River and Bear Creek with my Great Grandfather. I also spent every minute I could in the boat with my father who was an avid tournament angler. I fished a few tournaments with my dad until I turned 16 and then I purchased my first boat.

It was a 1974 16′ Monarch with a 50hp Evinrude. After that I fished every tourney I could get into. Most of those were fished on Lake Granbury, Lake Benbrook and Lake Whitney. It didn’t take long for me to decide that I needed a real bass boat and I purchased a Skeeter Starfire 175 with a 115 Mariner. Well that is when fishing became a necessity to pay boat payments. Every waking moment that I was not in school or at work I was on the water.

This lasted until the mid 90’s when I became totally burned out and completely quit bass fishing and started making trips to Port Aransas, Texas, to fish off-shore. Much like bass fishing had been off-shore fishing became a passion that consumed me and in 2000 I became a Licensed 50 ton master and started running off-shore charter boats. This lasted until 2005 when I was starting to feel the pull of bass angling again…

In Feb of 2007 I was searching for information on a Lake that I had never fished in preparation for a tournament and stumbled across Ultimate Bass in a Google search and have made this site my home ever since. I have never experienced anywhere else on the web that felt so much like Family!!

Associations: Member, B.A.S.S, FLW, ABA, Twin Cities Team Club, PAA

Ultimate Bass Position: Senior Staff Community Diplomat

Shawn Grant

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