Tips For The Beginner (part 2)

Choosing Worm Or Lizzard Colors

lizzard colors for the beginnerWhen looking at plastic worms-French fries-lizards and other plastic baits, if I said there is a rainbow of colors to choose from I wouldn’t be stretching it a bit. Here are some basic colors that will work for Shay day in-day out in our middle Tennessee Lakes. There are many other colors that will work as well-but just go slow and choose wisely.

As far as worm length you can stay with a 6 inch or 7 inch worm in most of our lakes. That doesn’t mean that you won’t catch fish on a 10 inch worm-or on a 4 inch worm but Shay has found that the 6 & 7 inch worms produce more strikes over the course of the day.

worm colors for the beginner Clear Water: Green Pumpkin-Pumpkin Seed-RootBeer-Black and Black/Blue are Shay’s choices.  In clear water don’t overlook a slim straight tailed worm. These fall a little faster and the fish can see them easily.

Dingy Water: Red Bug-June Bug-Electric Purple and Electric Blue are Shays

Favorites: In dingy to muddy water opt for a fatter ribbon tailed worm that will produce more under water vibrations which the fish will feel many times before they can see them.

Specialty Worms:  Colors for floating worms-trick worms and wacky worms range from white-bubblegum-cotton candy and yellow.


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