The Benefits of Charter Membership

Charter Membership

Users of The Ultimate Bass Fishing Forums have the option to become a "Charter Member". Charter Members have access to a member’s only area of the forums, and other support services. A Charter Membership costs only $20.00 per year and includes the following:

Support Services

Charter Members have access to the Charter Members Only Support Area on The Ultimate Bass Fishing Forums. All board issues and problems posted there will receive priority assistance. There is also a place for you to make suggestions on additions to the forum and the Ultimate Bass Website.

Special Features

Unlimited PM’s (send and receive)

Ability to upload an avatar to the site.

Will be able to participate in the occasional Member Reviews of products that Ultimate Bass makes available to Charter Members only.

There will soon be a special downloads page for "Charter Members" only to download their favorite fun tools. This is a work in progress but is expected to be available soon.


Your name in the "Who’s Online" list at the bottom will appear in Maroon to signify your Charter Member Status.

You will also receive special fish shaped icons rather than stars on the side bar that is included in each message that you post.

"Charter Member" will be listed in the side bar under your name.

You can have a "Custom Title" listed in the side bar. You can check out Sam’s side bar to see where the Custom Title Area is. "You can add a special saying there if you like".

Join the special group of members Today!

$20 Annual Membership Dues

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