Basic Forum Help

Fisrt I would like to welcome you to the forum!

Here are some Ultimate Bass Fishing Forum basics for you to start out with. Please remember that the moderators are fishermen just like you and that they are here to help you.

Lets talk about the menu at the top:

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This is one of the ways that you can navigate the forum, but most importantly this is how you get to your profile. Your profile is one of the most important parts of the Ultiamte Bass Fishing Forums. It lets others know who you are.

Once you sign in you will be given a Member Group:

There are two different types of Member Groups. The first is a post based group that you earn by making posts on the forum. Here are the groups that you can achieve by posting:

Weekend Angler                      0 posts
Avid Angler                            25 posts
Tournament Angler                50 posts
Tournament Winner             100 posts
Classic Winner                    500 posts
Angler of The Year 04′       1,000 posts
Bass Fishing Guru             3,000 posts

The Non-Post Member Groups are:

Ultimate Bass Member – You are automatically added when you join.

Moderator – You are given this title when you are chosen to moderate a specific message board. The title only appears when you are in that board.

Charter Member – You have the option of purchasing an annual membership to show your support for The Ultimate Bass Forums. For more information on becoming a Charter Member Visit Ultimate Bass Dot Biz

Others that you may also see are Mother Nature, Father Time, Ranger375 and Mike Noble. These are all Ultimate Bass Team Members; they keep the board running smooth for you.

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