Tuesday Evers on life with E2

Edwin and Tuesday Evers

Tuesday Evers, wife of Edwin Evers (E2), make their home in Talala, Oklahoma with their two children Kaylee and Kade. Much like the other wives, Tuesday wears many different hats, now including a pecan business hat. This is a blessed family who makes sure that they stay connected. According to Edwin, “FaceTime makes travel a lot easier” for him, but nothing is as good as coming home.

BS: Tuesday, what roles do you play in Edwin’s fishing career?
TE: “I try and take care of the business side of Edwin’s fishing career; from contracts, to insurance, scheduling of events, website, etc. Anything to help take the load and pressure off of him a little.”

BS: How does it feel being the wife of one of 56 anglers fishing in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic?
TE: “It’s exciting of course! They work so hard and to see them living out their dream of competing in the Bassmaster Classic is the best. It’s an exciting week from the get go and the atmosphere of this tournament is different than all the others.”

BS: When you are sitting in the arena and Edwin’s song plays, you see his truck drive in, him sitting in his boat and he starts to step on stage, what goes through your mind?
TE: “You can’t help but smile and feel a since of pride for him.”

BS: How well do you sleep the night before the start of the Classic? How well does Edwin sleep?
TE: “We both laughed at this question. We tend to go to bed really early all the time and the night before the Classic is no exception. Our 16 year old daughter makes fun of us all the time at how early we go to bed.”

BS: Tell readers about the Edwin Evers you know….
TE: “Edwin is the most caring and fun person I know. He has so much life and energy and it shows in everything he does. He loves spending time with our kids and he is an amazing father and husband.”

BS: In one word describe Edwin Evers.
TE: “Caring”.

Tuesday Evers and Family

BS: Do you travel with Edwin? If not, how do you keep things running smooth with Edwin on the road so much and how do you deal with the time apart? If so, how does life work for you guys on the road?
TE: “We are not able to travel with Edwin very often. We agreed early on we would not go more than two weeks without seeing one another. So when we see his schedule is going to keep him away from home for an extended time, the kids and I start making plans to go for the weekend to see Edwin. We place importance on family and time together.”

BS: We know what a tournament day seems like for Edwin, but what is a tournament day like for you?
TE: “I definitely check in on-line to see any updates and hope to see a picture or two on how his day is going. But for the most part, I’m busy getting lunches ready for the kids, getting them to and from school and keeping things on track at home.”

BS: If you could change anything about life as an angler’s wife would you change anything, if so what would it be?
TE: “Can’t think of a thing. I feel very blessed to be married to Edwin.”

BS: What is Edwin like in the off-season?
TE: “We started a pecan business, Edwin Evers Pecans, and this has taken over Edwin’s off season. He loves being outdoors so it fits perfectly into our lifestyle. He enjoys taking Kade hunting and fishing and spending time with Kylee at the mall or movies.”

BS: What is the easiest and hardest thing about being the wife of an Elite angler?
TE: “Hardest would be the time away from each other and away from home. Easiest would be watching the man you love getting to do what he loves to do for a living.”

Edwin, Tuesday, Kylee, and Kade. Edwin and Tuesday Evers

Betsy Steele

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