Too Much Hard Water

After endless tackle  reorganizations, line re-spools, and spending way too much from the catalogs, I  found a way to increase my Finesse Fishing moves.  Flippin and  Pitchin to my cats! Well my wife’s cats, I could have taken or left them long  ago!  But now, I find they are a terrific reaction strike resource while  pitchin and flippin.  Think about it… After the initial “drive the cat  crazy” stage, they start to sit there and analyze the situation longer and  longer.

That’s when I’ll start my practicing. I’ll take a worm or tube, tie it on the light mono line, and start enticing reaction strikes from them.  All you need is one cat. Even though my 4 year old daughter insists on being one  too! I love it!!  As I seduce them with the bait, I notice that it takes some pretty tricky teasing on my part, And after a while I feel like I’m on the boat finessing the fish again. So when I just take the bait and pull it by them,..nothing.  Then I’ll try the stop and start retrieve, nothing.  Then when the retrieve is fast and  furious…Strike!!  Every time!!!  So I get to thinking, maybe Bass will do that too?

I know it won’t work all of  the time, but as I watch the water melt, At least I am not reading a catalog. It does take some practice, but well worth the effort, besides, what else do
I have to do??

I hate the cold!!

Scott Perratti

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