Oct 2004 Monthly Contest

Tell us, How do you fish a:

Jig n Pig
Texas Rig
Carolina Rig
Weedless Frogs or Spoons
Spoons or Little George
Weightless Plastics

Now there are a few things to add so that it is an interesting contest:

You can pick one topic from above or you can post on all 15. Each topic should be a sperate post. Your post will be read by a Fishing God or Administrator and given points for the contents that you include. The possible points per post will be 11 and the possible posts are 15, one for each technique listed above. The points will be awarded based on the following Point Getters and weather they are included or not in your post –

Point Getters
Participation (1 pt)
Knot used for this technique (1 pt)
Line used for this technique (1 pt)
Water Depth (1 pt)
Water color or temperature (1 pt)
Favorite structure or cover (1 pt)
Type of rod (length/action) (1 pt)
Season (1 pt)
Your most productive color (1 pt)
Size of your biggest bass using this method (1 pt)

Bonus – A picture of your biggest bass with the lure in its mouth, posted with your entry. (1pt)

1.   Once your post has been read and given points it may not be edited. If it is it will be disqualified. There are only three people that can edit posts, Fishing Gods, Administrators, and You.
2.   Your post must be over 50 words.
3.   This contest will run from October 1, 2004 to October 31, 2004 at 9pm.

This should be a piece of cake for most of you since you tell each other how you fish things daily. It is a way for you to give your opinion and win the contest all at the same time.

The Prize for October will be a $50 gift pack including tackle and 2 four inch Ultimate Bass decals.

Good Luck!

Hint: to make sure that you include all of the point getters just highlight them with your mouse, copy, and paste into your post.

I would like to Announce our October Contest Winner

Congratulations FisherMom!

This was quite the contest at then end! Both of you did a fine job, thank you for your participation!

This is a running total of the points for each participant of the October Contest

FisherMom – 230 total 11/1/04
HossierAngler – 229 total 10/31/04
Bassguy2004 – 60 total 10/23/04
RoyB – 11 total 10/29/04
Papa – 10 total 10/12/04
Mother Nature – 10 total 10/01/04
Mike – 9 total 10/01/04

We wanted to add a bit of the winning spirit so we have added one of FisherMOM’s winning techniques.

Flipping a Jig  MOM STYLE

I am not really sure how to flip and pitch, but my friends have a pond full of cattails and mats of duckweed and scum.  I used my medium weight 7 ft rod (because it was all that I had) spooled with 12 pound test…  But I think my Micro ultralight with 4 pound test would have worked better…

The water at this part of the pond was about 2 feet deep and 72 degrees in late summer. I had fished the deeper areas of the pond and caught one small bass on a spinnerbait and another on a Texas Rigged Senko. The deep part of the pond was muddy, due to heavy rains… but the shallow part, which was on the opposite side, was clear.  I tied on a Small Chartreuse jig using a Polomar knot.  The jig is a one ounce jighead.  After many snagged  attempts to cast this into the weeds… I decided to make up my own method.  I released about 7 feet of line and held the line just above the jig.  I tossed it, underhanded, so it slipped just under the edge of the weedmat.  Within a couple seconds, the line appeared to be getting sucked in.  With a small sweep, I brought out my first little bass with this method.  I managed to catch 4 or 5 fish this way.  My biggest one was roughly 10 inches long and very hungry!

WARNING: you have to be careful when reeling a jig back in from the cattails… if it gets stuck, do not force it, or you will end up with a red dot on your forehead…  see picture below!   Sweatin Bullets

FisherMOM has won a $50 Gift Pack including 2 Ultimate Bass Decals. You can get your own decals right here at Ultimate Bass in the Bass Fishing Products Section.

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