Collusion at Ultimate Bass

Sometimes it seems like all we hear about on the news is something about colluding with one person or another. I am here to profess this is true at Ultimate Bass. The big difference, Collusion at Ultimate Bass is not illegal or inappropriate. Collusion is encouraged and valued by most of the members. Collusion is ultimately a source of pride and makes our membership a very special group of angling enthusiasts. The bottom line is collusion at Ultimate Bass is a good thing.

Collusion at Ultimate Bass


Collusion at Ultimate Bass is Diverse

We are so fortunate to have a very diverse group of anglers from around the country who only want to catch more and larger bass. We can ask the most mundane questions and receive a respectful answer. We can also ask questions of a highly technical nature, and sure enough, a member of this group will be able to respond with an appropriate answer or at least an idea on where to find the information.

Collusion at Ultimate Bass has SME’s

Some of our members are not only subject matter experts in their field but are actual sponsors of the website who not only support Ultimate Bass but have become participating members. We even have former sponsors who continue participating with us because Ultimate Bass is such a special place to hang out and talk about everything bass fishing. Many of the products in my tackle arsenal are a direct result of these experts and sponsors taking the time to help me make solid and quality decisions about many of my tackle purchases. I can’t thank them enough for their support and willingness to help me with my addiction.

Collusion at Ultimate Bass is much more than blogs

For those who may be reading this blog but don’t really participate on the website, you are missing out. There is an abundance of excellent bass catching information found in the thousands of pages and articles on Ultimate Bass. However, the real fun comes with becoming a participant in the conversations. Learning about the intricacies of our sport by just reading might not get exact questions answered. So, go ahead and log in and jump into one of the active forums and ask for extra detail. Members quickly find there are many folks willing and more than happy to welcome you to the group and perhaps provide some valuable information. Another thing I am sure of, this is a safe place to ask any question without some “Jack Wagon” making fun of a request. We don’t play any games, and anyone who does will be reminded of our core values of respect and friendship.

Collusion at Ultimate Bass is trusted

Personally, I have become dependent on Ultimate Bass to provide the information I need for all my tackle purchases. This dependency has resulted in better equipment, better techniques and better experiences on the water. I am not a skilled angler but feel absolutely comfortable asking any question for any of my bass fishing requirements. Thank you, Ultimate Bass and the members of Ultimate Bass, for allowing me to be a willing participating member of such an exceptional group.

Fish ON!
Bud Kennedy

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