10,000th Member Contest

The Ultimate Bass Forum has hit yet another great milestone. In just its short existence the Ultimate Bass Forum has nearly achieved 10,000 members. The 10,000th member contest is worth a $75 in Tackle, a Bonus Citica 200 DPV and more…

The Ultimate Bass Forum has hit yet another great milestone. In just its short existence the Ultimate Bass Forum has nearly achieved 10,000 members. This is very exciting news for a forum because it means that there is a tremendous amount of camaraderie, information, and knowledge base avaliable at your finger tips. Over the years many forums let there numbers become skewed through automated scripts that can register hundreds of users a day. At Ultimate Bass we work hard to prevent these things from running our numbers up so that when we hit milestones like the 10,000th member, we can honestly say these are true people behind the key boards!

To celebrate this fantastic event, of Ultimate Bass’s near future, we are going to hold a contest to see who can guess when our ten thousandth member will join! We are calling it the “Milestone Achievement, 10,000th Member Contest”. We will be giving a gift pack worth $75 to the person who comes closest to guessing the date and time that our 10,000th member actually registers to the Ultimate Bass Forums. If that winner guesses within 10 minutes of the actual registration time they will also win a Citica 200 DPV from DELO’s Tackle (http://www.deloscustomtackleshack.com/).

The rules of this contest are simple…

a) You must be a registered member of Ultimate Bass to make guesses (so get registered)
b) Each Member gets 5 guesses
c) Your guess MUST include the date and time (to the minute) that you think the post will be made
d) All guess will be interpreted as CST (Central Standard Time)
e) If you guess a date/time that has already been guessed, you will be notified through PM and instructed to make a new guess.

* * Bonus: If the winning guess is the EXACT date and time that the 10,000th Member joins, a Life Membership ($300 Value) will also be given to the UltimateBass.com Member that wins the contest.

So if you are not already a member of the Ultimate Bass Forum, you need to get over there and register. Once you’re a member find the contest boards and get your votes in. Also get comfortable and make a few posts and get to know the folks of the forum! It’s a great place to hang out. For all of you that are already members make sure to get your votes in. This prize package will definitely be worth your while.

The contest runs from today 27 July, 2008 and you have two weeks to analyze and decide just how fast you think the forum is growing and make your guesses. However, get your guesses in quickly before someone else takes the date and time slot you might want! Before you put a lot of thought into it, here’s a hint; we have been running about 7-9 new members a day. The forum stats show 5-6, however that is since inception and is averaged in with the days that we didn’t get a new member for a week at a time.

Here’s a Link straight to the Contest Rules and from there you will find a link to make your guesses, Good Luck!

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