Legend Boats Alpha Tactical

Legend Boats Alpha Tactical

Several months ago, I was at the Legend Boats Factory speaking with Dean, CEO of Legend Boats. He was very excited about a boat design he was working on, the Alpha Tactical Military Tribute Bass Boat. Eager to get it completed, Dean and the Legend Boats team worked diligently through many road blocks; getting the gel coat colors just right, the material needed for the seats, special rims, all the way down to special bezels for the gauges. Just like with anything and everything ‘Legend Boats’, they will not put a boat out until it’s perfect. Finally, Dean was happy with the Alpha Tactical and displayed the first one at the 2012 Bassmaster Classic on the Red River in Shreveport Louisiana.

I asked Dean why this Tribute Boat was so important to him, “I just feel like we need to give back. Our men and women put their lives on the line every day, so we can do what we enjoy! They are the real deal.” I know personally that Dean is very proud of our military and that he supports each branch of service with all he can. As an Air Force Retiree, Dean calls me every Veterans Day to say thank you.

In order to purchase an Alpha Tactical boat you must be on Active Duty or be Honorably Discharged from one of the United States Military Services, discharged members will have to show proof of Honorable Discharge with a copy of their DD 214.

Legend Boats Alpha Tactical

What’s all the fuss about the Alpha Tactical Legend Boat, it’s the only boat on the market specifically designed to give the purchaser a sense of pride, and honor his/her service and sacrifice to Country. Everything about the Alpha Tactical says I fought for my country. Whether it’s when sitting in a secluded cove catching bass and enjoying nature or towing through our busy cities and highways, our proud men and women will enjoy knowing that everyone who sees them will know they are either a Military Veteran or still serving.

In either a single or dual console, the Alpha Tactical is not limited to size; the design is available in all three of Legend Boats platforms. The Alpha Tactical 191 for the sports car feel, all the way to Legend Boats Flag ship the 211 with its ‘Cadillac of the Lake’ ride and performance. This gives the purchaser the ability to fit his/her style or garage whichever the case may be.

For those that might think the Alpha Tactical would make picking colors easier, you would be mistaken. Just like so many Legend Boat owners have come to enjoy, custom colors help you build a unique boat. Color design is completely custom. The original colors are Olive Drab – Dessert Tan – Black Gel, can be mixed and matched to design your own color theme. The original Alpha Tactical is pictured with this article. Also, in order to support all branches of service, Legend now offers the Tactical Series boat in any color option a Service Member wants. Kody Bradbury of Legend Boats said, “We’ll do an Air Force theme, Marines theme, Army theme. We’ll use any color to make a unique service boat.” You can mix and match the colors how ever you like to create your own custom version of the Alpha Tactical. Your only limitation is going to be your imagination.

Legend Boats Alpha Tactical

To continue the personalization, Legend Boats builds a patch with your name and branch of service that is attached to the back of the driver’s seat. This patch is similar to those worn by our nation’s military when in their Battle Dress Uniforms. Also, on the outer band of the driver’s and passenger’s seat, you will find a subdued American Flag patch. These American Flag patches are worn on the shoulder of the Military Battle Dress Uniform; the outer band on the seats represents this position of respect.

Legend Boats Alpha Tactical

For the weapon enthusiasts, a Ram Mount Pistol Holder has been placed under the driver’s console. Giving quick access to your favorite hand held weapon. The but seats are notched to hold a riffle. The adjustable butt seat makes for the perfect weapon rest. It’s steady, and you can adjust the height for comfort. Also, if your tracking a moving target it swivels with ease. Definitely more comfortable than the devices the men and women protecting our freedoms are used to using in the field.

Legend Boats Alpha Tactical

Humvee inspired gauges, and assented electronics you’ll get the feel of a battle machine on a mission to destroy bass on your local lake. While many military members are proud of the Camo Colors associated with the Battle Dress Uniform, many still like a little ‘bling’; enter the 18 inch KMC Rock Star wheels. Black with some amazing styling, these wheels set off this package perfectly.

Dean of Legend Boats says, “The Alpha Tactical has special pricing to help our nations Veterans purchase their Dream Bass Boat. While the Tactical is olive drab, with a Black stripe and Desert Tan pin striping; the colors can be changed around to fit the Veterans desires. Single Pin top caps to fades it’s up to the Veteran. We have our version of the Alpha Tactical, but we will build one custom to the Veterans desires.” Dean also mentioned that while the seats are made from a special material that matches the Apache helicopter, you can swap the colors around inside the theme to add more customization to the boat.

All standard options are available when building and Alpha Tactical. Everything from a swing away tongue to a hydraulic jackplate or even the Illusion Trailer package with tough coat.

Legend Boats Alpha Tactical

Some special items that if you look closely at the photos (Alpha Tactical) are the tan seat pedestals, special decal coloring for the Mercury Outboard, powder coated jackplate, and Hydes Graphics skins on the windshields. Even the electronics bezels are painted to match the theme of the boat. Legend Boats ensures each part of the Alpha Tactical is specifically colored and designed around our Nations Veterans, building a boat that every service member would enjoy having.

To cap off the whole deal, Legend Boats donates proceeds from each Alpha Tactical purchase to the “Semper Fi Fund” and the “Path Home” in the purchasers name. Excited, Dean said, “The support for this program has been overwhelming!” Many companies are jumping on board with the program.

Legend Boats Alpha Tactical

“Since the Bassmaster Classic show, we have had many organization come to us and want to help. The outpour of support has been amazing.” Dean continued saying, “Many companies have come to us and want to participate in any way they can, some with donations of fishing equipment that we give to a purchasing Veteran and others in the way of donating guided fishing trips.” Dean mentioned that the program has taken on a life of its own; we have been able to coordinate getting veterans in touch with guides in several different states and set up bass fishing trips. “Not only are we trying to get anglers in the boat of their dreams, but avenues are opening up so that we can also get them a fishing trip of a life time, with the equipment to use all in one package.”

At the time of this article, sponsors/contributors of the Alpha Tactical program are still flooding in. To get a current list of the additional equipment and program sponsors please contact Legend Boats

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