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El Grande Lures Boom R Ang

El Grande Lures, owned by world traveler Jay D. Schurz, revolutionized the soft plastics industry recently with the release of the Triple Laminate Hatch-Match Stick. Now, in conjunction with Elite Pro Angler, Fred Roumbanis, El Grande Lures has released it’s 6”, triple laminated, soft jerk bait which is aptly named the “Boom R Ang.”

Owner, Jay Schurz, relates that the design of the Boom R Ang has several attributes which make it quite unique. First, the Boom R Ang is 6” in length, and has a large profile . The lure is broad across the shoulders and has more of a juvenile panfish belly. Second attribute of notice is the elongated, serrated split tail. The tail had super action, even at rest. Third, but definitely not last, the Boom R Ang is being released in 5 triple laminates and three solids. The triple laminates have proven to be a superior quality in our plastics. When coupled with a unique profile, the triple laminated bait has been experiencing great test results over the last 6 months.

“The El Grande Lures Boom R Ang is the most unique jerkbait I have ever fished or seen”, says Elite Pro Angler Fred Roumbains. “The fall and action of the lure is absolutely unreal.” “ I have caught many fish using several different techniques with the Boom R Ang and it had proven itself a necessity in my boat.

The Boom R Ang is available in five triple laminated colors: Baby Bass, Tilapia, Shad, Golden Shiner, Foxy Fred, and three solids, Green Pumpkin, White Pearl, and Bubblegum. For more information, visit www.elgrandelures.com

Jay D. Schurz, President
El Grande Lures
(812) 798-8768

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