El Grande Lures’ Triple-Laminate Hatch-Match Sticks

Revolutionize Soft-Bait Manufacturing. The perfect lure just got an upgrade!

Forage fish eaten by black bass have three primary colors, a fact reflected in the lifelike patterns of today’s crankbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits and swimbaits. Until recently, however, soft-plastic lures such as stickbaits and jerkbaits could not be mass-produced to duplicate these three-color patterns. That’s all changed with a revolutionary triple-lamination process developed by El Grande Lures of Linton, Indiana that’s now used in manufacturing the company’s 5-1/4-inch, soft-plastic Hatch-Match Sticks.

“The triple-laminate colors produced by El Grande Lures in their Hatch-Match Sticks are unparalleled in the injected-plastic market,” says Texas bass pro Kurt Dove. “As a professional angler/guide at Lake Amistad, I’m always looking for an edge on my competition or a way to help my clients catch lots of fish. The triple-laminate colors of the Hatch-Match Stick have made a huge difference in my catch rates. The fish have just not seen colors in plastic baits this realistic and they can’t resist them! El Grande’s triple-laminate colors are the most lifelike match to baitfish ever produced in soft-plastic baits.”

EL Grande Lures, owned by Jay D. Schurz, started as a handpour company creating plastics for giant bass in Mexico and southern U.S. states. Early on, Jay began perfecting a triple-lamination process in soft plastics to more closely match common bass forage such as tilapia, bluegills and langostinos. Demand for these triple laminates far outpaced the available time to create them, so El Grande expanded into the injected-plastics market and brought triple lamination of full round baits into the current marketplace.

“For the angler looking for the competitive edge, this is it,” says FLW Tour Pro Angler Chad Morgenthaler. ”No more settling for common or bland color schemes that leave anglers wondering, ‘What does this imitate?’ and ‘Why would a fish bite it?’ With its new triple-laminate color schemes, El Grande Lures has taken good baits and made them exceptional. They’ve changed forever the way anglers will view and use soft plastics.”

“El Grande already created the ultimate soft stickbait with the Hatch-Match Stick,” says Elite Pro Angler Fred Roumbanis. ”Now they’re the first to add real life appeal with three shades that match actual prey, as well as the true action of an injured baitfish.”

El Grande’s 5-1/4-inch Hatch-Match Sticks are available in seven triple-laminate colors: Bluegill, Baby Bass, Bonita Shad, Catalpa, Tilapia, Perch, Threadfin. The triple-laminate process will be used to produce additional lures in 2011. For more info, visit www.elgrandelures.com.

Jay Schurz, President El Grande Lures (812) 798-8768 jay@elgrandelures.com

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