Golf Course Bassin

Despite the cooler temperatures, there are places that dedicated bass anglers can go to try to catch a few cold weather bass. 

This is the first article I’m writing since settling down here in Florida. I’ve been fortunate because I seem to be catching fish wherever I attempt to. As I write this, nothing over 5 1/2lbs since I’ve been down here but the numbers certainly are there. I’ve been lucky to gain the friendship of several individuals who are employed by several of the local golf courses. They all have one thing in common and that is bass in the water hazards.

Their stories of 15lb largemouths swallowing golf balls and eating golf clubs had me silently disbelieving. The fact that fish of such proportions were being mentioned by people who obviously didn’t fish, intrigued me.

My neighbor had told me about these ponds and offered to take me out. It had been almost a month since I wet a line and I was eager to go. There was one catch, two hours, not a second more. I felt that I had to put something together fast. I decided I’d go with what I knew how to do. 6-6 Medium Helium LTA spin and 8lb Yo Zuri Soft. Wacky rig some SD’s and I’d be set. My neighbor hadn’t even tied a knot when I did the old “fish on”. My first four casts produced fish and now I am forever known as "the guy that fish throw themselves at".

For the next two hours I punished my thumbs and wore the skin off of them. These fish were eager to strike. I made my way around the 5 acre crystal clear pond all the while being cautious of where I stepped. This was moccasin country and there were signs posted “Beware of Snakes”. If that doesn’t send a little chill down your spine, nothing will. Oh yeah, here in Florida, I’ve seen the diamond backs, heard about the Coral snakes, copperheads and the cottonmouths. Forget the gators!

I just about exhausted my supply of SD’s when my pal Brad called out. I couldn’t see him. I did see a small 2 acres pond over the small ridge and I began making my way over there. Could he have met a snake? I found him crouched down on the bank pinning what looked to be a very large bass to the ground. Both he and his bass were quite muddy. “I got ‘em on that worm you gave me and he popped off when I got him to shore. I pounced on him and held him here.”

Brad pounced on a 6 and half pound largemouth. I spied the water of this little pond and saw a large number of bigger targets slowly swimming along. Wow! I switched up and put a tiny 4” Split shot worm on and nose hooked it with a Gamakatsu Split Shot hook. About 12” up the line I put on a Water Gremlin Bullshot sinker. First cast parallel to the shoreline….bang, 4 1/2lb largemouth.

Nice fish. Two hours are up! We have to go! Damn!

I’ve been back several times and the action has been at least as good. I haven’t caught or even seen those elusive 15lbers but maybe someday I will. I know there is at least a 6 and a half in there and I’ll try for that one.

Craig DeFronzo

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