Banning and Censorship

Banning and Censorship

  • Firstly, we require that members read our rules before they begin posting. We make this abundantly clear at every step of the way.

  • Members who do not read — or adhere to — the rules, are putting themselves at greater risk of being banned by default.

Who can ban me?

  • The site administrators and all members of The ‘Management Team’ have the power to ban/suspend members and adjust censorship.
  • For a complete list of the management team see Ultimate Bass Staff.
  • Depending on who is doing the banning, there are variations on how "harshly" a situation might be judged.
  • The Management Team have full permission to ban members at their own discretion, although 99.9% of the time, the issue will be discussed among the moderator team before enacting it.
  • To date it has been usual practice for the site administrators to enact the ban.

Why was I banned?

  • This is quite an open question and deep down you probably know the reason. Banning someone from the site is something that is only done after careful consideration.
  • On many occasions, we’ll give someone a warning. And mostly, it will be done in the form of a Private Message. On some occasions, especially if the staff member in question feels that the member has little potential for improvement – a ban may be immediately enacted.
  • Ultimate Bass reserves the right to ban/censor anyone without warning or reason.
  • Typical examples are:
    • Consistently arguing with a moderator or member of our community
    • Offering sexual services
    • Defamation & Illegal conduct
  • We will also ban members should it be discovered that they have been banned from another website – or behaved in such a manor that they no longer share the philosophy of Ultimate Bass.
  • Of course there are many other reasons, too many to mention here.
  • Should you find yourself banned then you are bound by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the REGISTRATION AGREEMENT that you agreed to when registering to use

May we remind you of the following:

  • You must not attempt to bypass an issued ban.
  • Further abuse will lead to your ISP being informed for site abuse.

Why wasn’t I contacted?

  • Ultimate Bass is a community of more than 20,000 people and our moderators must monitor thousands of posts a month. A Moderator may have to deal with a handful of issues a day. You should however be notified of your impending ban via PM. If you are ban imediatly you may not see your PM message as you will be booted and not allowed to view your messages hense the reason for this page being on our main site.

If you’ve violated the rules that you agreed to (by default) when you registered… and you still want to be here please go back and read them again. If you can find why you were ban and would like to take some steps to be unban you are welcome to contact the administrator at

Of course, there are occasions where someone is banned by accident or too quickly. But these instances are incredibly rare. I have only ever un-ban a handful of people, in the site’s history.

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