Open Letter to All Fishermen

This letter should not have to be written, but I feel something must be said.  It is only June and already I am finding more trash, cigarette butts, beer and soda cans to name just a few things; in and around the waters of the tournaments I am attending. This is out of control, with no end in sight.  So I must use my space here at Ultimate Bass to appeal to all of us anglers to lend a hand.

There is a boat launch that I use on a regular basis. I have used this launch for over ten years.  When I went to look for a trash can to throw out some trash, I found that there were none.  After talking with one of the state workers, I find that they were removed in order to support a state recycle program. It appears that if there were trash cans at this launch, then the state would not receive any monies from the federal government. This is a program that is taking place in most of the country. So we are all effected by this.  It seems that if we have trash cans and regular pick up service, then there will not be any recycling taking place.  Well I think this is wrong.  So I am pleading with all my fellow Ultimate Bass’ers. Take your garbage home with you.  If you see something in the water, pick it up. PLEASE… I cannot believe the trash I am finding on the water.


I have recently started going to my regular launch at night, and along with some excellent shore fishing, initiated a little clean up by myself. No recognition, no payment, just the self satisfaction of knowing that the next time I go, it would be a little better.  So I am pleading with everyone, start a home launch program with your club, or individually.


If you smoke, pocket your butts. If you bring it to the water, bring it home. If you see a person trashing our waters and boat launch’s, speak up, get involved. Look around your home waters, are they as pristine as they once were?


If we don’t act, things will get worse…much, much worse.


Thank you
Scott Perratti
“The Rockin’ Angler”


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