Camden Summers

My name is Camden Summers from Camden, Missouri. I have currently worked in the retail furniture industry for almost 10 years. I currently manage my location which has allowed me a view into life I never knew about. Leadership, hiring, firing, marketing, advertising, you name it I’ve done it.

I’m have been married to my beautiful wife now since 2005 and we have 2 great daughters.

Here are a few specifics about me.

Camden with a largemouth bass

Hometown – Camden, Mo
Favorite Lake – Truman Lake, Warsaw, Mo.
Favorite Lures – Crankbaits
Favorite Technique – Power Fishing
Days Fishing – 200 per year average
Experience – Approx. 15 years of fishing for various species
UB Member Since – Aug 2009

I can still remember that first bass caught on accident while crappie fishing when I was 8 years old. It fought like a whale and nearly pulled me in the water. All it took was that one and I was hooked.

Spent the early years fishing for fun and for whatever I could get to bite. Started fishing local tournaments when I was about 13. After I started high school I took a short sabbatical from fishing and started back up again a few years back. I now spend every waking minute of my spare time devoted to fishing for these little green fish. In 2010 I began to start writing articles about some of my experiences. I’m really enjoying sharing my experiences and tips with other fisherman.

Camden Summers

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