Taking Quality Pictures

Years ago you would see pictures of people standing next to numerous deer or fish hanging usually upside down. Blood would be everywhere and other things that should not have been made visible. At the time it was acceptable for that type of photograph. Now we have so many groups that wish to limit or completely eliminate our privilege to enjoy the outdoors. Now if someone posts a photo of the old ways within minutes you can find it on an animal rights activists website saying how “brutal” hunters or fisherman are.

We as sportsmen and women need to be aware that what we enjoy is a privilege and not a right. If we do not take the time to preserve the outdoors and what we love then future generations will not have the ability to enjoy it as we have. So the next time you are getting ready to take a picture with that trophy think about how people are goin to view that picture. Following are a few guide lines that I follow to make sure that my pictures are presentable to everyone including kids.

1.Make sure you try and remember to bring your camera. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Even a disposable one will work and you can have them devolped later.This usually requires a buddy though. Any decent digital camera should have a timer on it.

2.Smile! Your supposed to be enjoying yourself.

3.Don’t be afraid to take ALOT of pictures. You can always pick the better ones later and delete the rest.

4.Look at some of the pictures in magazines. They are the ones that catch our eyes so if you want to to simulate some of them.

5.Take the picture before you clean or dress the animal or fish.

6. If you plan on releasing the fish, try not to put to much stress on the fish. Don’t be flopping it around. This is one instance where you may not wanna take a hundred pictures. you need to get it back in the water as fast as possible.

7.Last but not least. Be proud of your catch. Even if it isnt a trophy, you still worked for that fish and put the time in.

Just some simple things to keep in mind to help preserve our privilege for the future generations.

You might want to take a look at David Brooke’s tip in the Tip’s Forum on a Boat/Field Mount for you Camera. Boat Mount Also remember that if you post your picture on Ultimate Bass it could be chosen to be featured on the front page. So lets take some good pictures.


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