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New Product for Clean, Clear, Healthy Ponds and Water SystemsNatural Environmental Systems Introduces New Product for Clean, Clear, Healthy Ponds and Water Systems

Natural Environmental Systems announces the release of its new all-natural algae/ hydrilla removal solution featuring live microorganisms that control plant growth in ponds and water systems.

(PRWEB) April 9, 2006 — Natural Environmental Systems L.L.C. ( ) announces the release of Natural Enviro 4000 Algae/ Hydrilla Removal. Natural Enviro 4000 is a live microbial product used in the elimination and control of aquatic plant life such as algae and hydrilla.

Natural Enviro 4000 is a 100% all-natural solution of billions of microorganisms that have been aged and fermented using a natural biological process. These beneficial bacteria work to eat away unwanted plant life that can cause cloudy or unsafe ponds, clog irrigation lines and diminish the appearance of otherwise attractive ponds. The microbes stay alive and active as long as there is a food source available. Once the plant life has been controlled, the microbes die off. For continued control, maintenance applications are required. Natural Enviro 4000 is perfect for watering tanks, farm ponds, golf course water hazards and other functional and/ or decorative ponds and fountains.

Because Natural Enviro 4000 is a chemical free solution, it is safe to use in and around ponds and water systems where fish and other animals may be present and is harmless to terrestrial plant life so as not to inhibit irrigation. The product is applied at a rate of 2 gallons per surface acre. Natural Enviro 4000 is packaged in easy to use quart and gallon sizes, along with larger, more economical 4-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums.

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About Natural Environmental Systems
Natural Environmental Systems L.L.C., headquartered in Dallas, TX, offers a line of all-natural, chemical free, live microbial products that when used correctly are highly effective in controlling a wide array of environmental and sanitation problems. In addition to algae/hydrilla removal products, the company also sells products for soil, plants, grease traps and septic systems.

Contact: Joe Hogan
Natural Environmental Systems
5000 Quorum Dr. #300
Dallas, TX 75254
Toll Free: 800-999-9345

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