Spotlight Interview – Chris Franklin

Welcome to the second installment of the member Spotlight Interview.  This is the place where each month readers can come and learn a little something about our members, who they are, what they do, what they think about topics of interest, and the like.

From our most sponsored angler, to our sponsors, right on to our weekend anglers, everyone has a story.

This Month we meet Chris Franklin (member name – chris).

Chris is a 36 year old angler from the Northwest Louisiana area and has been a member of Ultimatebass since July 10th of 2003.

Dave: So Chris, where are you originally from?

Chris: Shreveport, Louisiana

Dave: What one most influential person would you like to meet and fish with?

Chris: Ray Scott.

Dave: You’re the second person I have asked that, and the second time I have had that answer. Why do you think that is?

Chris: Wow! I did not know that. With the creation of BASS and all of the pro-circuits derived from it, I personally think there would be a fraction of the interest in bass fishing as we know it today. I truly believe club fishing and circuits would virtually be non-existent or certainly on a much smaller scale. Bass tourneys on TV? You kidding me? ESPN purchased  BASS and there is a reason for that. The marketability of this sport is on a  HUGE level and I think Mr. Scott is mostly responsible for that. He is the  ultimate outdoorsman.

Dave: When did you start fishing tournaments and why?

Chris: Well, my first tournament was in 1990. It was a company event involving everyone from where I worked. I won it with a single  4.5 lb fish on Toledo Bend.

Dave: What is your favorite technique?

Chris: I love the Carolina Rig (6 ft leader) on deep points (10-25 ft) in the summer with a baby brush hawg.

Dave: What is your greatest weakness and how do you plan on improving it?

Chris: Jig Fishing….Hopefully I can fish with Mike Cork and learn some valuable techniques. I can’t think of a better teacher.

Dave: Tell us about your family life.

Chris: I have a wonderful wife who is a nurse and three boys ages 9,3, and 1. They all love fishing. The three year old would rather watch Bill Dance than any cartoon. When he was 18 months old he could name all the different lures. Very proud of my boys….

Dave: What do you do for a living, how many years experience, and future goals.

Chris: I have been a paint and drywall contractor for 8 years. I have 3 employees and I would like to keep it that way. Staying small allows me  time to fish.

Dave: How would someone hire you for a drywall/paint job? Do you advertise or sub-contract?

Chris: No, I don’t advertise. Sub-contracting accounts for roughly 70 percent of my business. I work very closely with two contractors who keep me extremely busy. The rest comes from word of mouth.

Dave: What is the one ideal job you would like to have other than the one you have now?

Chris: I would like to be a fishing guide….With that comes allot of pressure, hopefully one day I will be ready to accept the challenge.

Dave: Who has helped you succeed in your endeavors the most so far?

Chris: No doubt, my wife!

Dave: How do you like the Ultimatebass web-site?

Chris:  Love it. Found the message board back when Mike and Laurie had the Ultimate Bass trail several years ago. Much different scene now. There are more posts now in thirty minutes than there were all week on the old board.

Dave:  What have you gained from membership so far?

Chris: The site has taken my fishing ability to a higher level. The tips and techniques are amazing.

Dave: What one way would you improve the web-site or change it personally?

Chris: Laurie has propelled this thing to a level beyond what I ever thought was possible.  I honestly can’t think of one thing.

Dave: I see that you have a 200V Progator with a 200 mariner. How long have you had it, how do you like it, what are the advantages/dis-advantages to having a Progator?

Chris: I have had it a couple of years AND only because I had to settle for it. I was all set to buy a brand new boat and my wife decided we needed a new Suburban for the family. I am all about the family! So, I bought a used boat and put a new one off until either late this summer or early 2006. Progators are nice boats, but I won’t buy a brand new one. I see a Champion on the horizon.-gotta have at least a 225 on it!

Dave: What is your favorite local body of water and why do you like it?

Chris: Toledo Bend. Its where I caught my first bass (1974) and won my  first tourney. It has every type of structure. Ledges, ridges, grass, humps, trees, timber, buck brush.  Perfect lake for a younger angler or anyone for that matter to learn every aspect of fishing.

Dave: Are you planning on fishing with the Twin Cities Team Club for the UBCS, and are you looking forward to it if you are?

Chris: Yes. I am! It would be a blast if our club was the only one to show up. With guys coming from South Louisiana that a huge bonus….They know how to have fun down there. I can’t wait to meet everyone from Ultimate Bass.

Dave: What are you planning as a strategy for the UBCS?

Chris: Mid-Summer is my strength and you can usually find me on deep points or humps all day with a Carolina Rig, Texas Rig, and crankbaits tied  on.

Dave: Not trying to bring up bad situations of the past; however, what are your feelings in regards to the shootings during the Bassmaster Classic a couple of years ago and the recent shooting at the a bassmaster tour event in Alabama?

Chris: What thrill an individual could get out of shooting at these guys boggles me.  Some anglers could care less of who or what they’re blowing past when headed down the lake at wide open throttle and it would be easy for someone to become enraged over an incident, but shooting at a person (Stacey King) who is quietly fishing from the bow of his boat is pretty frightening.

Chris, I enjoyed the conversation with you and I appreciate the time and thought you put into this for me and our members. I do have to say thought that Mike Noble won’t agree with you on the crankbaits and Toledo  Bend…This is one of those times I would like to have asked questions and had time to spend with someone out on a lake.

Again, I want to thank Chris for his time……Till next month…..Fair winds and following seas……

Dave the Dope Man

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