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If you want to catch the biggest bass your lakes and rivers have to offer, you need to be fishing with a jig. I love fishing jigs, but I’m exceptionally picky about the jigs I use and have specific hook and color requirements. In the past, it’s been extremely difficult to find what I’ve decided I need for a given application. However, that’s all over now. Siebert Outdoors is the one stop shop for bass fishing jigs. If you have a specific jig shape you’re looking for Siebert Outdoors will have it. For Example, he has football heads for working rocks, bullet heads for working grass, and standard Arkie heads for general purpose jig fishing. Mike at Siebert Outdoors prides himself on having every jig shape needed to cover all aspects of bass fishing. Mike Siebert says, “I am a diehard jig fisherman and expect the most out of my jigs. I want to give all bass anglers a jig that can handle high expectation; a jig they are proud to fish with. The same quality and performance that I demand when fishing are put into each jig.”

Using 55 strands for skirts, Siebert Outdoors powder coats all their heads, and uses Mustad Ultra point or Owner hooks, depending on the jig shape, size or customer requests. Since Siebert Outdoors is a custom bait builder, you can get whatever you need to accommodate the bass fishing conditions you’re facing. Whether you like horizontal or vertical hook eyes, Siebert Outdoors has you covered. Do you need a couple strands of a specific color? No problem. Siebert Outdoors has completed a series of individual projects for me that turned out flawless.

With nearly a dozen different head colors, and over 60 standard skirt colors you will find that perfect combination to unlock the tight lipped bass in your favorite lake. Spend some time and examine the forage in your area, then take a look at the Siebert Outdoor color charts and I’ll bet Mike Siebert has already discovered it and built something that will match. If not, a quick email and a couple questions, and he’ll get you set up. Watermelon Pepper and Copperhead are my favorite jig head colors, unique and exceptionally natural in the water. Match them up with skirts that have brown or amber, and watermelon and black in them and you’ve got a bass catching machine that perfectly mimics the crawfish in our local waters. I have a favorite spinnerbait color, basically white, but it has a few strands of this and that in it. Mike was able to match it perfect and had them to me the same week. He carries enough bait building products that I’ve never heard the infamous, “We’ll have to order that” from him. Many companies will offer custom work, but are unwilling to stock the non-regular colors, Mike works hard to make sure he’s got everything he’ll need to get you on the water catching bass with the confidence of your favorite or new found color combination.

I’m not sure of the count, or how they are measured, but the weed guards that Siebert Outdoors uses on the various jigs in his lineup are right on the money. They are not too stiff to allow penetration of the hook into the jaw of a bass, yet they are not so soft that they are ineffective. It’s obvious that Mike has gone through his series of baits and taken the time to find the perfect complement for each application. This is something that many jig companies are lacking; using one size fits all weed guards. While one size will fit most, a little choice tuning and you can get the best in hook protection and still have a solid hook up ratio. This is something only time on the water and pride in your product can provide.

Spend a little time on the Siebert Outdoors website ( and you’ll see that you never have to look elsewhere for any aspect of your jig fishing. Mike offers everything you need. You can order heads, skirts, jigs with skirts, even unpainted heads just in case you want to try your hand at powder coating. Siebert Outdoors is truly a jigs fisherman’s paradise. Mike has made his store a place that any jig angler can go and find what they need. He even has “Lead Free” jigs for anglers living in states that have banned lead baits. These are made from bismuth and a tin alloy; you can satisfy the states requirements and keep catching the bigger bass that jigs are known for. Mike Siebert has built the perfect jig store and truly has it all.

In talking with Mike about his jigs, there are a too many variables to the custom jig that we simply can’t list everything; bottom line is that if you can imagine it he can build it. Mike mentioned a few things that I’d like to pass on. First is they offer copper wire ties with all their jigs. Any jig you order can be wire tied or come with a rattle band, choice is yours. All spinnerbaits are wire tied for durability. Mike has a lot of pride and joy in his jig line up that’s called the Big O series. It comes with an XXX strong Owner hook, and a 66 strand skirt; however it only comes in the wire tie because there is too much skirt for the bands.

True jig fishing anglers know that there are as many different aspects to a jig as there are for soft plastic baits. A tackle store can’t possibly stock everything, and will lead you to believe that a brown jig is a brown jig is a brown jig. I have seen the difference in catching bass and not catching bass be as simple as three strands of chartreuse. Stop buying bulk jigs and start getting specialized, your jig fishing will improve. Mike at Siebert Outdoors would love to talk with you and get your baits dialed in to your angling conditions. Take a minute and give him a chance, you won’t be sorry.

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