Catch More Fish with WaveSpin

It doesn’t matter if you are in a $65,000 fiberglass bass boat, floating down the river in a kayak or kicking back and fishing from shore. Fishing is supposed to be fun. Not spent picking out a bird’s nest or loops instead of casting and catching fish. You can catch more fish with WaveSpin and have less tangles leaving you more time with your bait in the water.

Spinning reels are notorious for tangling. The tangles are caused by several reasons. Some are directly related to the angler and others inherent to the design of almost all spinning reels.

The only exception would be WaveSpin Reels invented by Doug Hannon the “Bass Professor”. All WaveSpin Reels have the guaranteed no tangle technology allowing anglers to make more and longer casts. It’s an exclusive spinning reel designed to eliminate tangles, loops or bird nests.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what causes fishing line twist and solutions to eliminating them.

Overfilling the spool with line is a common cause of loops. Fishing line can’t stay in place on smooth round rim shape spool. There’s not much you can do to eliminate loops caused by overfilling except for leaving up to a ¼-inch of spool showing; unfortunately, having a less than full spool of fishing line drastically reduces the casting distance.

WaveSpin Reels spools have a completely different design than other spinning reels. The patented “Wave” spool has waves on the rim instead of a traditional smooth round surface. So when the fishing line leaves the spool at approximately 23,000 RPM during a cast it skips from wave peak-to-wave peak creating the perfect friction reduced cast.

Other advantages of the WaveSpin spool is more fishing line can be put on the reel because it doesn’t off-load loops like traditional reel spools. Instead the lifting action of the waves causes the line to skip from peak-to-peak resulting in longer cast.

Loops also create problems like snatchbacks or “bird nests” with traditional reels. Not with WaveSpin Reels ( because the loops lie harmlessly down between the waves never catching the line during a cast. Loops on the spool will simply leave during a normal cast without tangling up.

Putting the fishing line on wrong will result in line twist resulting in tangles. The correct way to put on fishing line is to lay the spool of fishing line down with the label up and the line coming off the spool counter clockwise. Begin by threading the line through all the rod line guides and tying an anchor knot to the spool then reel steady keeping constant pressure on the fishing line with your fingers in front of the spool.

If while reeling the fishing line begins to twist, stop and turn the spool over laying it flat. Don’t let small loops or let the fishing line twist near the rod tip.

Using the wrong fishing line can also create tangles. Spinning reels perform better with limp line. No problem for braided fishing line, but with monofilament or fluorocarbon it can become an issue.

Line size will also influence casting distance of a spinning reel. Smaller line diameter almost always cast easier and farther. It will also lay better on the spool.

One way to reduce line twist is to use a swivel. This only works when a high quality swivel is used otherwise a cheap swivel will only increase line twist. Also when fish are aggressive adding a swivel doesn’t seem to decrease the number of strikes.

When the line starts twisting on a spinning reel, an angler can let out some and then reel it back in. Sometimes that works. Otherwise the line can be tied to something that doesn’t move and the angler can walk out the fishing line from the spool until getting past the twisted line then reeled back in.

One more cause of line twist is having the drag set incorrectly. A spinning reel with the brake set to lose lets out fishing line to easy and an angler will reel against the line going out twisting the line. The correct drag setting should be set to 25% breaking strength of the fishing line.

Anglers can eliminate many of the issues of tangles, loops and line twist by putting fishing line on right, using a high quality swivel and setting the drag appropriately. Also fishing with a WaveSpin Reel and its’ guaranteed no tangle technology.

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