BHO Mega Shake

My first thought when I opened the package from Mega Chomp with my BHO Mega Shake baits was, “We don’t have musky down here?” However, once I got it on the water, I had a much different opinion. The BHO Mega Shake is a large bait creating a lot of water displacement, flash, and thump. Keep in mind when I reference size, I was casting the ¾ and one-ounce models. I have a feeling when word gets out about the BHO Mega Shake; it’s going to take off like the large swimbaits. Slow at first, but once they start catching hefty stringers, Johnny at Mega Chomp won’t be able to keep up with the demand.

BHO Mega Shake

Slightly spooked by the size of the BHO Mega Shake, I rigged it on a heavy action extra fast tip rod. However, this was a mistake; I didn’t need this much rod to fish it. I backed down to a Medium Heavy action with an extra fast tip and my casting, both distance and accuracy, fell right into place.

I fish all my vibrating jigs on braided line; I just love how it transmits the thump back to the rod. I found the vibration and thump on this bait is very significant. In fact, the BHO Mega Shake will rattle the teeth out of an angler’s head if not careful

What makes the BHO Mega Shake different than other vibrating jigs in the BHO (Better Hang On) blade combination. Not only does the BHO Mega Shake have the standard vibrating jig blade attached to the front of the jig head, but there is a spinnerbait arm below the bait holding a willow leaf blade and a turtle shell blade connected to the same swivel. Johnny designs a distinct bend into the turtle shell blade allowing it to rotate with the willow leaf and create a clicking noise at the same time.

One would think all these moving parts would be a disaster in the water, but the BHO Mega Shake is a vibrating, pulsating, flashing work of art. This bait hunts like nothing I’ve ever seen. On retrieves, this bait jumps right and left without warning, then bounce right back and keeping an angler guessing on its next move. Using various retrieves, I thought I could surely get all these moving parts to foul and cause problems. Lift and drop, burning, slow rolling, stop and go, I even cast it straight up a couple of times, never once did the line foul in the bait. Amazingly enough, the bait never lost its ability to start vibrating instantly on the retrieve.

The BHO Mega Shake is going to be awesome in the spring and fall of the year. Bass can see, feel, and hear the BHO Mega Shake from long distances, making it the perfect bait anytime anglers want to cover a lot of water and get the attention of cruising bass. Fishing in vegetation can cause the BHO Blade combination to foul occasionally. However, the plus side is the same blade combination acts like a keel and keeps the front blade above the vegetation leaving incredible vibration. Any time an angler wants to use a vibrating jig over the top of vegetation I recommend the BHO Mega Shake. The flash will draw bass out, and if the flashing blades foul in the vegetation, the bait still has a strong vibration. No other vibrating jig on the market can do this.

My most productive pattern was a steady, medium retrieve. Letting the bait do all the work. I had bass using the shoreline to prowl for shad and bream. Casting parallel to the shore with a medium retrieve kept the bait in about three feet of water. Strikes were violent. I attest the viciousness to the amount of action the BHO Mega Shake produces. Bass are overwhelmed and strike it with everything they have. Hooksets were not a problem whatsoever; most strikes hooked their selves. I was concerned about the blades on the bottom of the bait causing hook up problems, but this was a non-issue. I landed nearly all my strikes.

As with all the Mega Chomp baits I’ve used, the BHO Mega Shake is built to last cast after cast. High-quality parts, from hook to swivels to blades, provide for a very durable and easy to use bait. With two big thumbs up, I recommend the BHO Mega Shake when anglers need to draw bass out of cover or from long distances. This bait is like a disco ball underwater and the bass I’ve played with couldn’t resist dancing.

For more information about the BHO Mega Shake check out their website Mega Chomp Lure Co

Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake
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