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Fifteen or twenty years ago if someone said there would be over 500 college students traveling from all corners of the country to compete in a 3-day bass fishing tournament in 2018 they may have been laughed at. But here we are in Florence, Alabama on the shores of Pickwick Lake and that’s exactly what is about to take place. 266 teams of collegiate anglers attended registration today for Carhartt College Southern Tour presented by Bass Pro Shops. Competition kicked off today at 7:00 A.M.

We asked Johnny Ledet, a Northwestern State senior majoring in business, Jerod Gadd a Polk State College senior with a degree in Criminal Justice, and Brandon Boyd a freshman at Mississippi State majoring in Finance for their two cents on this event.

Favorite (non-fishing) thing about Carhartt Bassmaster College Series events?

Brandon Boyd, Mississippi State: The structure of these events. They are very organized and keep it fun.

Jerod Gadd, Polk State College: Getting to travel the country and see new places.

Johnny Ledet, Northwestern State: Seeing friends from other colleges who I don’t get to see very often. We’re all a big community, really, it’s great.

Furthest you’ve traveled to compete in a college tournament?

Brandon Boyd, Mississippi State: Between 8 and 9 hours for Toledo Bend.

Jerod Gadd, Polk State College: 10 and ½ hours for this tournament!

Johnny Ledet, Northwestern State: 18 hours for Lake DuBay.

What are two baits that will excel this week on Pickwick Lake?

Brandon Boyd, Mississippi State: A square bill crankbait and a swimbait.

Jerod Gadd, Polk State College: Football jig and a hollow body swimbait.

Johnny Ledet, Northwestern State: Jig and a swimbait.

3-day winning weight, and how much weight will a team have to catch to qualify for the National Championship?

Brandon Boyd, Mississippi State: 61-lbs to win, 15-lbs per day to qualify.

Jerod Gadd, Polk State College: 62-lbs to win, 15.5-lbs per day to qualify.

Johnny Ledet, Northwestern State: 61-lbs winning weight. Usually 12-lbs per day is the golden rule in college tournaments but I think this will be closer to 13.5-lbs per day to qualify.

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Author: Luke Stoner

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