WBT Lake Amisted Winners

Congratulations to Juanita Robinson of Highlands, Texas who took home the win at Lake Amisted, Del Rio Texas this weekend. This is a great way to start out the 2007 WBT Season. Robinson finished 9th in the overall WBT 2006 Standings and will be attending the inaugural WBT Championship on Lake Mitchell in Alabama later this month.

Legend Boat Owner Pam Martin Wells brought in second place. Martin Wells finished 10th in the WBT 2006 Standings and will also be competing in the WBT Championship later this month held in conjunction with the Bassmaster Classic in Alabama. Pam holds 9 National Titles as well as having fished 9 Classics and is the all time leading money winner in women's professional fishing.

Julie Shivers holds her own and brings home a win on the co-anglers side of the house. Shivers was in second place on day one behind Kim Tucker. Shivers is a proud Legend Boat owner. Co-anglers are competing for $1000 in cash and a fully rigged Triton Boat.

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