Lucky Loper’s Product Review

Rockin' Angler's Product Review

Who said that a lure cannot be improved after you open the package. Just because after you paid for a lure, that does not mean it can't be a different color. Or have a stripe down the back. Maybe you wish that the lure you just forked over $25.00 hard earned dollars, had different color eyes. Well now all that is possible with one of the greatest new products to come along in a long time.

I am talking about "Lucky Lopers Lure Customizing Kit" This is the creation from Wes "Lucky" Loper. An accomplished artist and Angler, Wes designed this kit for all game fish, but today we are going to talk about how it works on Bass Lures.

When I first got the kit, I was a little intimidated by the quantity of different colors that are available. Once I finally made up my mind as to what colors to use, I then had to decide on what shapes to use. Lucky Loper's Customizing Kit comes in Four different ways. Each kit contains many peel off shapes and a wide variety of colors.

Crank before the Lucky Loper's application

Crank before the Lucky Loper’s application

First is a starter kit, Which includes three different colors. Second is the Flash Kit, Which has Four colors, two of those sheets are a highly reflective Flash sheets. The other two are common colors used to attract. Then is the Deluxe Kit, That has seven color sheets, Three half sheets of flash, and four half sheets of accent. There is more than enough in any of these kits to customize many lures, but I am inclined to tell you to purchase the deluxe kit just to have all of the different color sheets. its start at around Seven dollars and for the deluxe at around twenty six.

fter I started to put the kit to use, it really started to take shape, and I really started to enjoy working with the kit. When I finished with the lure, which can be easily overdone if you don't be careful, The lure looked as if I had paid $25.00 for it.

Crank after the Lucky Loper's application

Crank after the Lucky Loper’s application

Anybody can do this. All you need are some used or inexpensive lures and Lucky Lopers Kit.  The instructions were easy to follow, and gave some great ideas to start anybody off with.  So now instead of tossing those old lures in the back of your tackle box, people can bring old and new lures to life better than they were when they were new.It is hard to find new products these days that stand out above all the other same old knock offs that are constantly hitting the market shelves. This is one of the best products we have reviewed to date.

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We are giving this Product a 5 out of 5 rating.

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