Britt Myers in Third at Douglas Lake

Britt Myers

Douglas Lake, Tenn – Bass Cat, ATX pro Britt Myers caught 21 pounds, 1-ounce on day one to finish tied for third with three days remaining. “I had a great day. I knew after the practice days that if I could get five fish a day I would do pretty well. If I got ten fish I would do really well. Today I got 12 keepers, so I did really well. The way I am fishing is conducive to catching big fish,” explained Myers.

Myers is familiar with the way Douglas Lake is fishing right now. “It is fishing exactly like my home lake, Lake Wiley, back in South Carolina. I almost feel like I am fishing a local tournament. I am very comfortable with this type of fishing,” Myers stated.

He remains cautious with his excitement. “During practice, I’d have a good day then a not-so-good day. It can really go either way. That’s just like Wiley, I am hoping I can power through tomorrow and keep myself in position to have a shot on Sunday.” He continued, “The lake is fishing small, so I don’t see anyone catching 80 pounds over the four days. I think if someone can average 17 or 18 pounds a day they are going to be right there at the end.”

Myers believes it’s going to take a few not so obvious spots to stay in the race for the victory, “The lake is fishing rather small. There are boats everywhere. I do have a few spots that are not obvious that I am saving just in case I need to get a few keepers in the boat really fast. Thank goodness, I didn’t have to try those spots today. I don’t think the fish on these spots are huge, but they can be difference makers if I have a tough day.”

Like all the anglers, Myers won’t give up much information to location or techniques, but he did offer some insight to the lake. “I am running the Bass Cat all over the lake. I am fishing shallow, deep and everywhere in between. There are a few big fish shallow and it seems like a good number of quality fish deep as well. I think an angler is going to have to mix it up to do well over all four days. I plan to do just that and we’ll see how it holds up.”

Myers is coming off his best Elite Series finish ever two weeks ago at Bull Shoals, where he finished second. When asked if the momentum was a confidence builder he replied, “I don’t think about the last tournament or any before that. Confidence isn’t something I think about or want to think about. I just put my head down and fish hard. I’ll keep doing that and we’ll just see how it works out. I will say that I am excited to get back out there in the morning.”

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