Beat the Big Box Boys

Who is Ron Schmidt? What is Beat The Big Box Boys? Until two years ago, I had not heard of either one. Several purchases later, I see why Ron came so highly recommended.

Ron Shmidt

As with most of my favorite places to purchase fishing products, Ron came recommended by word of mouth. Every discussion forum will have sponsors. Forums also have very opinionated members who are not afraid to let people know the positives and negatives of dealing with sponsors. If a forum sponsor has been around for some time, it’s a safe bet to say you will have a great buying experience.

I joined Ultimate Bass in the fall of 2013. One of the first things I noticed was how active Ron was on the forum. By getting involved in discussions, answering questions and welcoming new members, Ron showed that he was a part of the forum. When I started my search for a new rod, Ron was my first choice.

Online sales can be an aggressive market for both buyer and seller. If you are looking for a certain product, your options are unlimited. To compete in this market, you must have that “niche.” What sets Ron apart from the others is good old fashion Customer Service. As a kid, I often wondered why my father would shop at the local sporting goods store over buying from the big box stores. Now that I am older, I know why. It’s that feeling you get by being more than just a customer. It’s that feeling of interacting with a person who cares. It’s that feeling of someone going the distance to get the customer what they need.

Ron has been in business for just over 10 years. Ron not only does online sales, he has a brick and mortar store located in Burlington Washington. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Ron about everything from fishing to V8 horsepower. “Shooting the Bull” or that off topic discussion, is what makes the buying experience perfect. It’s what makes me understand what dad had been talking about all those years.

Having fantastic prices never hurts. Next, I will go into how Ron takes care of the customer’s wallet. Until then, take a few minutes and visit Ron’s website Beat The Big Box Boys You’ll find that if it’s outdoors he’s got it for sale!

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