Lake Falcon Reservoir

Shawn Grant on Lake Falcon

Lake Falcon is a riverine reservoir located on the Rio Grande river along the Texas New Mexico Border in Zapata, TX. The laid back atmosphere around Zapata makes it the perfect destination for relaxing after a great day on the water.

Impounded in 1954 as a flood control reservoir, Lake Falcon offers 83,654 acres of the thickest cover in the nation, and has become quite arguably the best trophy bass Lake in the world. The lake produces 10 pound fish weekly, and a successful day is judged as a 5 fish stringer that breaks the 30 pound mark.

Mesquite and Huisache along with some larger hardwoods make up the bulk of the cover; heavy equipment is highly recommended. 7′ plus heavy rods with 20 pound fluorocarbon or 50 pound braid are recommended. Anything less will almost certainly cause heartbreak when fighting with Falcon bass.

Lake Falcon’s has large water level fluctuations, often changing 20-30 ft in depth every year. This keeps a constant supply of fresh growth in the lake every year. This provides Lake Falcon with the most cover in any lake, in the nation of this age. Clarity is normally stained to turbid in the river and lightly stained to stained in the lower end. Lake Falcon is extremely fertile and has huge populations of forage fish such as Tilapia and shad. That combined with a 10 month growing season results is a very fast growing bass. In just three years, Falcon bass will reach 6 pounds.

Common patterns on Lake Falcon are deep diving crank baits and jigs fished on the many Rocky points scattered around the lake. When you find a point with Rock and wood that also has close access to deep water, you will find bass.

I highly recommend hiring a quality guide for your first day on Lake Falcon. The lake is HUGE and has massive amounts of cover. This can be overwhelming to an angler that is not used to Texas Brush. I’ve used and recommend Jim Edwards Guide Service (361) 816-1316 or Jim Behnken (210) 414-8048. Both of these gentlemen will make it a priority to exceed your expectations.

See You on the water!
Shawn Grant

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