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I have been very fortunate, in that, my better half enjoys bass fishing as much as I do. When it comes to needing something bass fishing related I don’t have to beg to get it. However, with the rising cost of tackle and equipment I do have to budget to get it. I was sitting here thinking about what I would like to purchase with the gift cards that my family usually sends me for the holidays season, not complaining about that at all, probably the best thing you could give a person like me. I get what I want, in the color I want, and the size I want!

Usually these gift cards would add up to the price of a new quality reel, several new hard baits, or a ton of soft plastics in which I could stock up on for the coming season. I really am not in the need for any more rods right now, so we can take that off the table. With the brand new boat, I got all the tools I wanted when we purchased it, so there are not any electronic gadgets I’m dying to try.

I am very curious about the latest Shimano Curado, the G Model. We’ve heard all kinds of bad things about them before they hit the market. How yes they are less expensive but so are the components and that the reel just wouldn’t hold up to the Curado name. Well since, it’s been out a while, I haven’t heard much about it? Are people so afraid to try it that no one has? Or are anglers afraid to admit that it’s a quality reel. This might be something I’d like to experiment with myself. I don’t really need any reels, but curiosity of the G models funcitionability has got the better of me.

Just got one of the Dobyns micro guide rods, and while I have reels to use on it, this might be a great place to put that G model Curado to field test. I have only used the Micro Guide rod a few times; I can definitely say it doesn’t hurt to purchase one. My thought process here is that micros did not detract from the rod as far as I can tell right now, accept the eyelets poke through standard rod sleeves pretty easy, but to be honest to everyone I haven’t caught a fish on it. A micro guide rod might make a great gift idea for someone struggling with trying one out.

If I can’t have a lifetime supply of Zoom Baits, then, maybe some high dollar jerk baits that I can’t bring myself to buy. Lucky Craft has some great looking baits in their pointer series. I have fished these baits and know they are worth the extra money because of their quality. The weight systems used really make the bait cast much easier and farther than any standard Smithwick or Rapala. Then there are the paint jobs and overall quality hooks and split rings. Again another great gift idea for someone having trouble purchasing one for themselves.

Fishing line, hum I’d love to try some of the Seaguar Tatsu, the things the pro’s are saying about this line makes you think there is no way we should be able to catch bass with regular fluorocarbons. I’d love to check it out but can’t bring myself to pay the prices I’m seeing for this stuff. Bass Pro Shops carries it in their catalog right around the $50 mark, up or down depending on the size. To me, at that price, it should last an entire season. For the average angler, according to the professional anglers that are using it, it may last an entire season. It’s supposed to have great castability, abrasion resistance, and of course being a fluorocarbon line it’s invisible to fish. This line is pretty high on my list as something to try.

These are just some things I’ve been thinking about trying in the coming season. What have you been thinking about? Swing by the Ultimate Bass Forums and let us know, we’d love to hear from you! Here is a link to a discussion already in progress.

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