Making the vibrashock work for you

Many people pick up a new bait and don’t understand how, where or when to work it and they give up on the bait after a few hours of fishing it, because they didn’t catch anything. Well the fact is that almost every bait on the market will catch fish, even the TV infomercials that everyone hates; it’s just a matter of using the right bait at the right time. There really is no magic bait that will catch fish day in and day out, but I have found one that works quiet often. It works in lakes, rivers, streams, after cold fronts, warm fronts, around rock, wood, and grass. It’s the Vibrashock by kaRu lures.

At first glance you think it looks like a chatterbait, and essentially it is, but it’s what happens underwater that separates the vibrashock from other chatterbaits. Number one is the head design. Most are an arky style head, where the vibrashock is a football head. What is the advantage you ask? Well with the football head and the split ring connecting the blade and the head, the blade strikes it better and creates more of a “chatter” than any other bait, because most of them have the blade attached directly to the head, which doesn’t allow it to chatter as much. In my opinion, that is the most important thing. Very seldom does a fish take a swing at this bait and miss it. They are aiming for the head not the tail or body of the bait. The skirts are also much higher quality as well as the stainless steel blades, that don’t bend and the high quality hooks that are some of the sharpest around.

Another key to the vibrashocks success is its erratic action. I don’t know what it is about it, but the bait will dart side to side violently every few feet, which creates a vicious reaction strike that even in the worst conditions the bass just can’t handle it. Put a long 4-6” ringworm on the end of it and the vibrations and motion will go all the way to the end of the worm and it looks just a like a tail kicking in the water. Now, I mentioned the quality of the Karu lures skirts, but not only is the quality good, but the have a large color selection. Where do you start you ask?

I have a few favorites that I like to use around Iowa that I’m going to share with you. Number 1 clear water color is blue shimmer cotton candy. It’s a light colored bait with some light bubblegum stripes in it. It looks kind of plain out of the water, but drop it in the water and let the sun shine through and the bait turns all shades of blues, pinks, whites, silvers and it really looks like a real bait fish in the water, constantly changing colors. Another clear water color is Fogy Green which is a baby bass color and OC shadedelic, which is a shad color, but I think it looks more like a large female bluegill that I catch up in MN in extremely clear water. For dark water, I like dark colors, black cherry, black and blue and extreme bluegill are some of my favorites. Now you know why to use them and what colors to use, so now I’m going to give some tips on what cover to use them around and how to fish them.

The vibrashock fishes itself for the most part, but there is some little things you can do to make it better. One thing is twitching it, just like KVD has been telling us to do for years with spinnerbaits. Just give it a sharp jerk and the bait will dart to the side and then flutter down until you pick up slack line. I like to throw the vibrashock around the same cover and basically the same technique as a spinnerbait. A spinnerbait in my boat is just about obsolete, because I have replaced them with the vibrashock. Lily pads, wood, cattails, and rocks it works around all of them. Throw it in, over and around any kind of bassy looking cover and more often than not you’re going to catch fish. Vary your speed and depth until you figure out what the bass want. I use a ½ ounce for faster deeper retrieves and a 3/8 ounce for slower retrieves in shallower water. If you’re fishing open water, a deadly technique is to drop the bait to the bottom and then rip the rod tip up 2-3 ft. The vibrashock will come flying off the bottom, making all kinds of commotion and then slowly fall back down, but hang on, because the fish will absolutely hammer it.

Now that I have told you a little about the vibrashock trying to give you an understanding of what colors, sizes and where to use them so that you can maximize your time on the water with it so you won’t get frustrated with a new bait. Hopefully you can establish some confidence with the vibrashock so that you can enjoy it as much as I have. It has turned my fishing 180* and day in and day out I know I can turn a bad day into a decent or even a really good day in a hurry with this bait.


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