Tips for the beginner

Bass Fishing Tips For The Beginner

From the beginning one of our major emphasis here at TBGI has been helping the beginning bass fisherman by providing good solid information that will help them when they are on the water.  But no matter how much information we provide there is one essential element that the beginning fisherman must supply himself and that is “A Positive Attitude” when learning new techniques. I believe this is especially true when it comes to learning how to fish plastics. Truthfully this is one of the easiest methods to learn and many times can very deadly. If you will focus on the basics and think positively you can become a good plastics fisherman.

I appreciate Shay sharing with us some of his thoughts and techniques on fishing plastic baits. As we have discussed in previous articles every one has a “Go To Bait” that produces for them. For Shay it is fishing plastics which he is an expert at using. It is our hope that this article will help you put more bass over the rail on their next fishing trip.


This is one area that the beginning bass fisherman wants to make sure that they are spending their money wisely. Maybe you have heard the phrase “Specialty Rods”. What this means is that rod manufactures like AllPro Rod Company produce rods that are designed for a specific purpose or technique. Top Water Rods-Crankbait Rods-Ultra Light Rods-Float N Fly Rods-SpinnerBait Rods-Worm Rods-Flipping Rods-Carolina Rig Rods and the list go’s on.

Shay’s  best advice for the beginner learning to fish plastics is to buy the best most sensitive rod they can afford designed specifically for fishing plastic baits. Next is a list of the rods that Shay use’s which work best for him. (1) For plastic worm fishing Shay uses either a 6 1/2ft or a 7ft medium heavy to heavy action rod and a 6:3:1 baitcasting  reel loaded with 15lb or 20lb “Good Quality” fluorocarbon line. (2) When fishing a Carolina Rig Shay uses  7ft medium heavy to heavy action rod and the same reel. We will discuss line later for this technique. (3) When Shay is  “Flipping” or “Pitching” he uses a 7 ½ ft or a 8ft heavy action rod with the same 6:3:1 bait casting reel and 25lb test fluorocarbon line.  Make sure that you buy a rod with a telescoping handle so it will fit into your boat and vehicle. To help you make a good choice when buying a rod visit  on our links page..

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