It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Our world has changed. For the most part, I used to have the great outdoors all to myself.  However, there’s a new virus in town, and it’s caused all kinds of “insiders” to become “outsiders”. Though phrases like “social distancing” are now part of our everyday vocabulary, I’ve had to learn to share my wide open spaces.  These “newcomers” don’t know or understand “our” out of doors rules. We just have to be patient with one another and hope this too shall pass. In the meantime, I’m practicing patience with humans and an attempt at loving mankind.  I hope most are quick learners and open to kind suggestions of just how things out here are done. So for now, I am practicing social distance (S.D.) times 100.  

Luckily, bass haven’t heard about S.D. They are carrying on business as usual. Every April fool knows this is the most wonderful time of a fisherman’s year. A lot of the mystery about “where are they” and “what are they doing” is off the table. Bass are up to a couple of things right now. Some are still on their beds. Some are “spawned out,” but nearby the beds protecting their fry. While others are roaming shallow to deep looking for easy food. Each of these situations make for a fish catching bonanza.

The KISS (keep it simple silly) method shines truer now than any other time of year. Three presentations, you pick. One bait = Bizz Baits Sassy stick.   

Method 1: Old faithful, the Texas Rig…  I like a lightweight approach. I stick with a !WOO Tungsten in one eighth ounce or three sixteenth ounce. Whether I’m in the shallows or fishing it deep. Let it slow fall while always staying in contact with your bait. This presentation produces a light bite so be ready, watch for the line to twitch or sometimes the line simply feels heavier.

Method 2: Weightless Wacky.  A hook through the belly of a Sassy Stick and hold on. You are basically letting this bait sink while twitching it much like a jerkbait. One of two things are going to happen. You are going to feel like your rod is getting ripped from your hand, or you’ll watch your line move and you need to set the hook.

Method 3:  Pinch on weight.  I like a 1/32 ounce pinch weight about 12″ above the hook and bait. Sassy is rigged Texas and this makes a micro Carolina rig. Dragged slowly along enticing big lazy bass to strike.  

Rods choices are up to the angler.  For Method 1, I stick with my Powell  Endurance 733. Method 2 & 3, I tend to use a Powell 732MLEF spinning rod for better control of my bait presentation.  

One bait = numerous bass in the boat.

In our unpredictable times, Mr. Bass is more predictable than ever.  Welcome the newcomers, wash your hands, keep your distance, be kind to others, and go catch fish.

See you on the water,
Michelle Armstrong

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