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As Ultimate Bass grows there is an increasing need for individuals that are interested in improving the resources that are available to our visitors. Some of the resources that are available now are the Bass Fishing Forum, Bass Fishing Link Directory, Bass Fishing Classified Ads, Bass Fishing Terms, Bass Fishing Articles and News, Photo Gallery, and in time much more.

The Resource Development Team is in charge of finding new resources that can be offered to our visitors as well as improving upon the existing resources available here at Ultimate Bass. This will be a challenging position and one that will work closely with the Administration to ensure that excellence is met.

All Team positions are on a voluntary basis. Recognition is given through our Staff Bio pages where you can show off some of your favorite accomplishments here at Ultimate Bass as well as your tournament history.

Positions Available
At this time we are considering the folloing positions:

Link Specialist – This position consists of gathering links from pages that are apropriate for listing in the Ultimate Bass Fishing Directory. Requesting link exchanges with other well designed bass fishing home pages and managing those links. This is a challenging postition as Ultimate Bass gets on average of 5 link requests per day. Our link directory is a stand alone application with a simple administration interface where your daily duties are easily accomplished.
   Positions Open (1) Listed October 06, 2005

Research and Development – The position of Research and Development will consist of gathering new applications to add to the Ultimate Bass Fishing Home Page that will be of vaue to the visitors and members. Some applications already available are Simple Machines Forum, Coppermine Photo Gallery, Mambo Open Source Noah’s Classifieds and CPLinks Directory. You don’t have to be a computer guru to manage this position, just willing to search. Ultimate Bass uses several open source applications to bring it’s members the best resources out there. We work closly with development teams in adding features to the applications we use and to ensure that you have the best possible resources available to you.
   Positions Open (2) Listed October 06, 2005

If you feel that you could contribute to the Resource Development Team please visit the Staff Application posted on the menu to the left and fill it out..

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