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Welcome to the first installment of the member Spotlight Interview. This is the place where each month readers can come and learn a little something about our members, who they are, what they do, what they think about topics of interest, and the like.

The idea came about from Mike, Laurie, and myself while a discussion of interviews of angling pro’s was on-going. Pro-angler interviews are prevalent on most web-sites, television, radio, and newspapers. However, UltimateBass is a web-site for anglers by anglers, so why not interview our own anglers.

From our most sponsored angler, to our sponsors, right on to our weekend anglers, Everyone has a story.

This month we meet Fishforfree, Scott Rauber.  Scott became a member of UltimateBass back on February 13, 2005.  He has been an active posting member, web-site sponsor, UltimateBass Club Shootout sponsor, and a creative member with great ideas for the site. Being in a small business, Scott can tell you from experience that it isn’t easy at times, but with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude, success is achievable.

Dave: Scott, first of all I want to thank you for this opportunity to ask a few questions and have some interaction with you, and I would also like to thank you for your support of UltimateBass.

Dave: How old are you (if you want to give it that is)
Scott: 43

Dave: What state are you originally from?
Scott: New York

Dave: What one most influential person would you like to meet and fish with?
Scott: I’d have to say as far as fishermen are concerned- Ray Scott.

Dave: When did you start fishing for bass as a tournament angler?
Scott: Thats a story in itself, but my first tournament was in 1992 I believe. I don’t fish tournaments anymore-stopped in 2001.

Dave: What is your greatest weakness and how do you plan on improving this (fishing related)?
Scott: Greatest weakness????..Fishing related???  Lets just say I don’t have any strengths!

Dave: whats your favorite fishing technique? i.e.: bait/presentation, equipment, time of year, depth, etc..
Scott: I LOVE to flip, anywhere,anytime. I will use a crawdad. (crawfish for usenz in La.)

Dave: tell us about your family.
Scott: Married, with a 14 year old daughter and two step children ( 27 year old daughter and a 28 year old son in the Army).

Dave: What professional organizations do you belong to?
Scott: B.A.S.S, ASI

Dave: What is your formal educational background? Do you have any degrees or specialty education?
Scott: Heck no, barely made it out of High School.

Dave: What is one ideal job you would like to have, other than the one you have now?
Scott: Strangely enough, I wish I would have found the business I’m involved in (Promotional items) the day I got out of high school. If not this, ummmmmmmmmm……I don’t know………I don’t like jobs…

Dave: what is a long term goal and what are you doing to achieve it?
Scott: Become a millionaire. Marketing everything I sell every way I can think of.

Dave: How long have you been in the Marketing Promotion business?
Scott: About 8 years

Dave: I take it that your business isn’t limited to fishing or fishing related fields..what other businesses can you service?
Scott: You are correct Dave….My business really isn’t all related to fishing.  This is what I currently do:
1.) Biz Promo, LLC- My marketing company. Anything from selling logoed merchandise to writing ad copy. I redid the Ultimate Bass flyer for Laurie.
2.) I sell an ebook called- FINDING MORE PROSPECTS (that are right under your nose). Its a guide to finding leads for your business without cold calling and spending money.
3.)I sell on ebay and have been doing so for about a year and a half.
4.) And, sell the HOW TO GET SPONSORED FOR FISHING TOURNAMENTS manual endorsed by Randy Howell (featured right now on

Dave: Did you have a business plan at the start, and if so, do you feel it was an important part of your success?
Scott: Only hard work, yes essential.

Dave: How much has the internet impacted your business?
Scott: incredibly

what can an amateur angler gain from your book?
Scott: They can learn how to get cash to pay for their entry fees. They also learn that one doesn’t have to wait to turn pro to get sponsored. And they’ll learn that contacting the big name fishing companies for sponsorship in any fashion is totally useless unless you are a pro.

Dave: Besides the book, what other services do you (or your company) offer?
Scott: More business, for your business, thats my business. Marketing/Advertising/Promoting consultant.

Dave: How can someone obtain your book?
Scott: They can order it online at or go to ebay.

Dave: How important are promotional items such as pens, caps, cups, etc., for a business, and would this be a good idea for a new business?
Scott: I believe it is very important because the recipient receiving it will REMEMBER you and it’s the only type of advertising people love!! Great idea for a new business.

Dave: Who has helped you succeed in your endeavors the most?
Scott: God, My wife, and my wife’s family.

Dave: How do you like the UltimateBass web-site so far?
Scott: I love it!!!

Dave: What have you gained from being a member?
Scott: A source of quality people.

Dave: If a movie about your life was made, who would you most want to play the part of you?
Scott: Either my brother or Robert Duvall.

Dave: I heard through the grapevine that you may be coming to the UltimateBass Club Shootout in June, is this true?
Scott: That’s a looooooooooooooooooong grapevine. I would love to, but I’m not sure right now because I’ll be in the Northeast 6/8 through 6/21.

Dave: if your were to make it and fish the tournament, What team would you like to be associated with? (You don’t have to answer if you would rather not)
Scott: I didn’t know I had my choice of teams, does it have to do with where the tourney is held next year? If so, then definitely FL.

I want to thank Scott for the opportunity again to be able to talk with him (via the internet). I enjoyed the questioning and looked forward to the replies each time. I have to apologize up front, this took a few more weeks than I had anticipated, and I am at fault for this. Scott was a good subject and was very easy going on some of the questions.

If you have any ideas or questions that you would like to have asked, send me a message or an e-mail at any time. You can reach me by looking at my member profile. Thank you for reading and until next month…..Fair winds and Following seas….

Dave the Dope Man
David Welch

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