Jerry Issacs

Hi and welcome to  My name is Jerry and I live in Illinois, but was raised in Dallas Texas in a Big Baptist Children’s home. I have been married for 28 years, and have 5 children and 11 grandkids.  The best catch I ever made is my wife DIANA, who let’s me go fishing whenever and for as long as I want.  She don’t fish but she sure does love to eat them.  I’m an electronic technician. in one of the big hospitals here in Chicago and keep all the patient monitoring equipment working .  My hobbies are fishing, the outdoors, and woodworking; but fishing more than anything.

Lipripper and the UB Flag

Home: Chicago
Home Lake: Lake Shelbyville
Days on the Water: 50 to 75
Years Fishing Experience: 48

I started fishing when I was around 8 or 9 years old with some of the other kids that were in the home also.  Most of our fishing equipment was things we could piece together like kite string for fishing line.  Some of the kids parents still came to visit them and they would get some hooks that we would use, and when I say we used stick bobbers I mean that we used sticks for bobbers.

I enjoy making others feel welcome and try to help out anyway I can to make it easy for them.  I guess it’s that Texas up bringing in me.  I have fished for just about every kind of fresh water fish there is and still do.  Now I’m not much of a Bass Fisherman but I catch on real fast.

Charter Member UltimateBass.Com
Life Member and BB Personality Of the Year NAFC

Ultimate Bass Staff Position Held:  Mentor Team


Jerry with a couple of nice fishNice one Lipripper

This is how you do it.Jerry and a couple of nice white perch.

Jerry Issacs (Lipripper)

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