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Hello all bass fishing folks, my name is Jason Taylor (silversalmon) and I am active duty in the Air Force. I have been in for 11 years and have been lucky with assignments thus far. I have spent many days in the desert, but have only had to move once from McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey to where I am now Eielson Air Force base Alaska. I have a wonderful wife, Jennifer and a fishing addicted son, Nathaniel who is 8 now. Fishing is one of my passions. I have been fishing since I was 4 years old and have been on a regular basis ever since. My first fishing days consisted of catching those bass, but in Western New York they were not very big; biggest one I have ever caught was just about 4 pounds. I fished mainly for walleye out of Lake Erie and the local lakes where I grew up in Cuba, New York. I also fished for trout (always skipped school the first day of trout season), pan-fish, i.e.: bluegill, sunfish, white bass, you get the picture.

Jason fishing in Alaska

Home State: Alaska
Home Lake: Chena Lakes
Days on the Water: 60-80
Years Fishing Experience: 25

Being stationed in New Jersey, I mainly fished for bluefish and tuna. Not too much fresh water stuff there since I got hooked on them blues. Spent most of my time in Cape May fishing, yeah it was a drive, but worth it. Coming to Alaska, I found the absolute best fishing I have ever experienced. I was in heaven and still am. Being able to fish standing right next to 15,000 foot mountains just does something to you. The salmon jumping out of the sound like popcorn kernels makes your adrenalin kick into overdrive. The primary fish here of course is Salmon, 5 species of them. The Chinook, or King Salmon ; the Chum, or Dog Salmon; the Sockeye, or Red Salmon; the Humpy, or Pink Salmon; and my absolute favorite the Coho, or Silver Salmon.  In the off seasons of salmon, trout is the name of the game. All types of trout: Steelhead, Rainbow, Lake, you name it. I could go on forever about my fishing experiences up here, it never runs out. The picture you see is my girlfriend, SHHHH….. don’t tell my wife, she is a 72 pound Ling Cod. My biggest fish, 176 pound Halibut out of Prince William Sound in Valdez, one of the most spectacular places anyone could ever fish.

United States Air Force Sergeants Association
North American Fishing Club
American Legion

Ultimate Bass Staff Position Held: Forum Staff Member – Moderator


Jason hugs a great catch!

Jason Taylor (silversalmon)

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