David Gibson

Hello my name is David Gibson.  Welcome one and all to UltimateBass.com.  I am 49 years old and live in Wilmore,Ky (just south of Lexington).  I am married to my wonderful wife, Wilma, the W part of DAWG.  Between us we have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.  I became a certified mechanic and then also certified Auto body and painter.  I am currently a certified auto glass installer.  Also, I’m an advanced scuba diver through NAUI.

David Gibson - Mentor Team

Home State: Kentucky
Home Lake: Dale Hollow
Days on Water: 50-60
Years fishing: 5 after a long layoff

My fishing started when I was a young boy, fishing with my father.  We would go as often as we could, and spent most of the summers on Dale Hollow Lake with our mom while dad was back home working.  We would take a annual trip to Lake Cumberland when the White Bass were running (what fun). As the years passed and I got older my love changed to cars.   Up until about 4 years ago I didnt fish much, but thanks to my wife, I have gotten back into it and am now addicted again.  Since becoming a member here on Ultimate Bass I have learned a lot more about the sport and have made a lot of friends via the internet, all of whom I hope to meet in person. I feel honored that Mike and Laurie and the staff have put their faith and trust in me to make me a part of the staff.  It has been a real pleasure to work with all of you and I look forward to a long and lasting friendship here.

Charter Member – Ultimate Bass.com
Tight Lines Gang

Ultimate Bass Position Held:  Community Diplomat – Promotions Team

David Gibson

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