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My name is Steve “Bassinkorea” Bell. I am currently living, working and fishing in South Korea. I have been in Korea since 2001 and started fishing in Korea in 2006 when I first discovered that Bass existed in here. I am originally from the United Kingdom and I started fishing when I was 11 years old with a few friends. We mainly targeted sea fish as I lived on the coast and also small lake fish like carp, pike and several other species. As my fishing skills increased, I moved into fly fishing for stocked rainbow trout and wild brown trout throughout the UK and I continued in that part of the sport until I came to Korea, where Largemouth Bass have taken over my life.

This is where came along. I joined in January 2007 and liked what I was reading and quickly became a Charter Member. Shortly after that I was given the chance to become a staff member/moderator, overseeing and moderating the Tips Board. My love for UB continued and I soon became a Life Member and then eventually I was promoted to a Senior Staff member giving me the chance to help grow alongside several other great senior staff members, general staff and the site Admin.

I am currently a member of a local Korean Bass Club and I am the only non-Korean member and participate in monthly club tournaments. I am a Prostaff angler for a big Korean rod and lure company called SureCatch Korea. SureCatch Korea sponsors me to fish in one of the biggest Bass Pro tournament series in Korea. In my first year (2010) I finished in 7th place out of 120 anglers. I am also a Prostaff member of Stay’n’Charge, a marine battery charging system.

Steven Bell, BassinkoreaSteve Bell, Bassinkorea

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