Title Tag Attribute

Title Tag Attribute

The TITLE attribute is a very valuable and often forgotten way of enhancing your website and there are many benefits to using it. The TITLE attribute can be used on any element and describes the contents of that element.

Screen readers and other technologies used for interpreting web pages for people with disabilities use the TITLE attribute in their translation. The TITLE attribute is key in creating an “accessible website”.

Many Search Engine ranking algorithms will detect and read TITLE attributes. This means that entering information about the contents of a given element will increase your keyword density and search engine ranking.

What does it do and how? You probably will have noticed from surfing around the web that if you pause over certain elements a box appears with a text description contained. This is the effect achieved through the use of the TITLE attribute. Put your mouse on the example below.

Hover here and see what you get.

You should get the same thing here.

Similarly, using the ALT attribute on images is a must. If your images don’t load or someone has images disabled in their browser, using the ALT attribute will give them the description that they need. The ALT attribute will give you a mouse over description as well as an on-the-page text replacement for a missing image (as seen below).

This is me with a nice bass!

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