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Welcome to The Ultimate Bass Fishing Reports Message Board.  We are updating with the times due to popular demand we have removed and replaced the Louisiana Bass Fishing Reports with a newer and more up to date message board. We have taken on a new project. The new message board has the ability to encompass all of our site needs, and we want you to fill it with bass fishing tips and reports.

The new message board will be called Ultimate Bass Fishing Reports and is is highly user defined. You will be able to add your bass fishing reports, modify and edit those same bass fishing reports, start your own discussion, groups, and threads, and join member groups. If you are not into sharing your fishing reports you can stop by and see the bass fishing tips that others post.

We would like to encourage you to post your bass fishing tips and your bass fishing trip reports. We have categorized the message board so that it is easy to use. You will find “Bass Fishing Reports“, “Dock Talk” and “Tournament Information“. These categories are broken down into individual message boards to accommodate our visitors. At this point we have message boards for Northern Louisiana Bass Fishing, Southern Louisiana Bass Fishing and Texas and we will add a message board for your area.

We welcome you as a user and highly recommend that you register and log-in. There are no long forms to fill out, just username, password, and email. Once you have successfully registered as a user you will be able to post to the message board, edit your profile, and participate in monthly contests and polls.

If you are not one for remembering your password or username, when you log-in for the first time select “always” logged in, this will enable you to go directly to the main page and remain logged in without having to log-in as long as you do not log out when you leave.

I hope that you enjoy it enough to return often…

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