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The Ultimate Bass Forum is set up in a tree like system. Let me try to explain it a little:

On the main page “Home” there are 8 Forum Categories that all have message boards in them. The first Category is General Bass Fishing Discussion the Message Boards that are associated with it are Dock Talk, Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques and the Monthly Contest.

Now if you are looking for Tournament Information you would go to the Category ” U.S. Bass Fishing Reports & Tournament Information” and look for the message board that is associated with that. Lets say you are looking to see if there are any tournaments in the Colorado Area. You would look to see where Colorado is located on our board. It is located in the “North West Central” region, so if you click on that message board you will see a list of the tournaments that are going on in that region.

Now if it is Fishing Reports that you are after then you would want to click on the state that you are looking for, scroll down a bit and you will see fishing reports by lake for that state.

I hope that this helps out some. If you think of something else that would be helpful to add just let me know by contacting me through webmaster [at] ultimatebass dot com

Are you looking for the bass fishing message board that is associated with your club? First find the state that your club is in like “Louisiana Bass Fishing Reports” and click on it. Once you have done that you should see a title that says “Club Connection” with your club’s name listed under it. Click on the name of your club it will take you to their message board.

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