Robin Howell – Do It All Tournament Wife

Randy and Robin Howell

Robin Howell, wife of Randy Howell (2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion), who calls Alabama home. This couple is dedicated to God, family, and The Kingston Home, which is Randy’s charity of choice. Last year the children from Kingston Home filled up a forth of the arena to cheer Randy to his victory, this year a bus load traveled to Greenville to cheer again for Randy. Randy and Robin are known for their “loveseat updates” when they are on the fishing trail. Randy and Robin have two sons who travel with them during the fishing season.

BS: Describe Randy on the water, in one word.
RH: “Charismatic”

BS: What role do you play in Randy’s fishing career?
RH: “My most important role is equally wife, mother, home-schooler. So I wear a lot of hats behind the scenes! I take care of the following things: Social Media (with his help and input) for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Accountant- taking care of tax preparation, scheduling speaking events, outdoor shows, flights, travel arrangements for these events, and invoicing afterwards. I also take phone calls during tournaments when he can’t talk. My number is on his voicemail to call when people can’t get him. Additionally, I take care of Tournament travel arrangements, sponsorship activation and notification throughout the year, ordering tackle or looking for it at area tackle stores buying fishing license online, and helping him with his blogs. Basically, keeping everything “Normal” while at the tournaments and on schedule for him and boys. We are very regimented as far as meals, bedtimes, early morning, etc. Our schedule is followed pretty rigidly day in and day out. Put him in the water and take him out each day of practice and tournaments. I am sure there is more, but this is a start.”

BS: We basically know what a tournament day is like for an angler, but what is a typical tournament day like for you?
RH: ”My tournament day consists of: Exercise, social media monitoring, homeschooling, skin care business, errand runner, emails, dinner, weigh in, exploring with boys, making travel arrangements, washing the trucks–the list goes on.

BS: Your family travels together, how does that work?
RH: “I never feel like I am missing out on anything while being on the road. After a tournament, if I need to get away I get my nails done. I also exercise everyday, which clears my head. I also have my own business I run while on the road which is also very fulfilling for me personally.”

BS: What would you change about being an angler’s wife if you could or would change anything?
RH: “Would I change anything about being an angler’s wife? I honestly can’t think of anything. I may kick myself later for saying this, but I can’t think of anything. I enjoy what we do and enjoy doing it as a team.”

BS: Do you have any rituals you rely on before a tournament?
RH: “I rely on prayer to stay calm, and trust in God knowing he is in control. I never talk about anything business related or personal related during tournaments or the Classic. I save all that for afterward so that he is totally focused on the task at hand.”

Randy Howell and Family

BS: Tell me about the Randall Howell you know?
RH: “Haha, he would get mad you called him “Randall”! He always tells me that is not his name (but I call him that when he’s in trouble!) Randy is a fun, loving, and sensitive guy that stands for what he believes and never wavers from his beliefs. He continually strives to be better in all areas of life, whether it is as a dad, husband, friend, role model, fisherman, etc. He loves basketball, is very competitive, and very particular about his hair, amongst other things!”

BS: What goes through your mind as you hear Randy’s song play and see him enter the arena?
RH: “I am so proud of him and thankful for all that God has blessed us with. It is such a blessing to be in the Classic fishing and I love seeing the smile on his face knowing he is doing what he loves!”

Betsy Steele

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