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Rod Gloves with Technique Tags

VRX Fishing Products, is dedicated to developing products designed to protect your bass fishing rods, reels, and equipment. VRX continues to develop protection devices that will ensure you get the maximum life out of your equipment while keeping it looking like new. Recently released are the Reel Glove, Bait Glove, Rod Glove Wrapz, and Rod Glove Saver.

Bass Fishing Rods and reels are a seriously large investment. Let’s face it, without rods and reels, we would be bass fishing with cane poles and string. As manufacturers strive to build a better, lighter, more sensitive, or faster bass fishing products, the prices of these products continue to rise. This is all under the name of technology. If we want better products it costs more to develop and produce them. In today’s bass fishing economy, it is not uncommon to spend two to three hundred dollars for a rod and reel combination. Many of my bass fishing combinations will price out near five hundred dollars each. Protecting these investments will ensure your equipment will be in like new condition each time you use it.

Reel Glove

One of the most exciting new products for me, since the Rod Glove, is the Reel Glove. Being a reel mechanic, and one to tweak a reel to get maximum performance, I know all too well how the slightest amount of dirt or debris can rob performance and the life span of reel components. As the name implies, the Reel Glove is a cover for your low profile reels. The cover is very quick to install; in fact, I can put one on just as fast as the Rod Glove. There are many advantages to having a Reel Glove, most obvious is that a Reel Glove helps keep your reel clean. If you travel with your rods exposed to the elements, I.E. on the front deck of your boat, the back of your pick up, or even store them in a shed or garage, debris will find its way into the internal workings. Dirt and debris can quickly destroy gears and bearings.

Designed to cover your reel while it is attached to your rod, the Reel Glove, does not put the reel’s line in a bind like many reel covers, you see on the market today, do. This is very important when using some of the high dollar fluorocarbons that are available. The slightest kink can cost you a bass. At a modest price of 5.99, the Reel Glove is very inexpensive insurance for your reel. Made from quality neoprene, the Reel Glove is durable. I’ve pulled, stretched and tried to poke through it with the knobs, star drag of the reel, and the trigger of the rod handle; it’s very strong and was able to withstand this torture with ease. The Reel Glove is going to be a onetime protection purchases for your reels. If you use the Reel Glove regularly, you will give your reel protection from dirt, dust, and debris; extending the life of your reels. So much so, that you may never have to replace your reel because of worn out components, but rather because you want to buy the new and improved version. The Reel Glove also protects the finish of your reel by preventing boat rash and paint chips; often caused by bouncing around in a rod locker. This will increase the resale value of your reels.

Another product I’m excited about using is the Rod Cover Saver. If you grab a rod that has a Rod Glove on it and hold it by the tip, the Rod Glove will synch down on the guides of the rod and not slip off. This is great for hanging your rods vertically to store them. However, if you are a non boater and have your rods laying beside you while running down the lake, it is possible for air to get up in the Rod Glove and cause it to expand and slip off. The Rod Cover Saver prevents losing a cover in this fashion. Made from a heavy duty elastic material, the Rod Cover Saver has a clip on one end that simply clips to the Rod Glove (or most rod covers) and the elastic band is stretched over the reel’s handle. Very simple, and very quick to use.

Bait Glove

Not new to the market, however, new to VRX Fishing Products, is the Bait Glove. Many bait covers are designed around a pouch type system that covers your bait and then Velcro’s around the entire edge of the pouch. The Bait Glove is different in that it uses to Velcro straps. I personally like this better as you can synch the straps tight around the bait and immobilize it. With the bait completely pinned inside the cover, the hooks don’t have room to vibrate or swing, preventing them from scratching the rod. Over time scratches can turn into groves and weaken your rod. Also, back to the resale value, a rod in good condition, free of nicks or scratches, is worth more. Also, since the Velcro is a set of straps, your line does not pass through the Velcro like many other products. If you’re not very careful the hook and loop part of Velcro can damage line, this is not and issue with the Bait Glove. The Bait Glove is made from rubber covered canvas, and it’s impossible to hang a bait in it. The edges are held together with a very narrow band which greatly reduces the chance a hook can grab it. Like with all of the VRX Fishing Products, quality protection is the number one agenda.

Rod Wrapz

If you are one of us that fishes with other folks, or has to carry your rods from place to place, it can get cumbersome to grasp 5 or 6 rods at once and try to move them. VRX Fishing Products has made this simpler with the Rod Wrapz. Rod Wrapz are two straps that wrap around your rods and hold them tightly together, making for one easy bundle to carry. If you are in a position where you are moving several rods at one time regularly, these inexpensive straps will save you broken rod tips and over flexing your rods. By bundling them tightly together you take advantage of strength in numbers, making for one strong bundle of rods that is easy to move and won’t damage them.

VRX Fishing Products are dedicated to protecting our very expensive equipment. Constantly looking at the things we do every day that puts our equipment in jeopardy and then solving the issue. As our equipment gets more and more expensive, it becomes more difficult to replace it. Budgets get stretched thin, and that 200 dollar rod requires two months of budgeting to purchase. I, for one, am glad we have companies like VRX Fishing Products offering devices to protect our passions tools. I highly recommend you check them out at VRX Fishing Products.

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