The Ultimate Fishing Kayak

Until just a few years ago, anglers wanting to fish out of a kayak had to settle for a recreation kayak. However, it’s all changed now because of the influence by Eric Jackson over the kayak industry. Jackson, the president of Jackson Kayak, wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the ultimate fishing kayak.

The Ultimate Fishing Kayak

Of course, Jackson or EJ as he is known by brings a wealth of kayaking and fishing knowledge into every fishing kayak built by Jackson Kayak ( “The true fishing kayak is a new phenomenon and really started just around five years ago. What makes these a fishing kayak compared to other kayaks? A true fishing kayak you can stand up in and has a high seating platform improving the angling ability of an angler,” said EJ.

Popularity of kayak fishing and even kayak fishing tournaments has multiplied exponentially as fishing kayaks evolve in to the ultimate fishing vessel.  Typically, fishing kayaks don’t have an outboard gas engine and rely on an angler to propel them to one fishing hole to another. While this may seem like a disadvantage it’s not; in fact, it’s an advantage as kayak anglers can go to more secluded areas to fish less pressured areas.

The design of fishing kayaks has improved over the past five years, however, it’s the never ending options for fishing kayak accessories that has taken kayak fishing to a new level. One that Jackson Kayak has taken to heart and incorporates in to all the different models of fishing kayaks they sell.

Recently, I caught up with EJ out on the water fishing in a small pond. EJ was in his Jackson Kayak Coosa HD.  The Coosa HD comes ready to fish and includes a comfortable Elite Seat 3.0 with improved ergonomics, removable center console, rod tip protector, under-seat tackle pockets with Plano boxes, rod stagers, drag chain chute, two-layer standing pad, heavy duty seat attachment buckle, hull storage, GoPro Gooseneck, flush mount rod holders, tankwell, removable skid plate, rod butt stager, adjustable ergonomic foot pegs, day hatch, ergonomic handles, fish grips, line Cutterz and SealLine Seat Pouch.

However, even with all of the standard features the Coosa HD comes with, EJ has pimped out his Coosa HD with even more features. It all starts with his electronics. The Coosa HD is set up to make for easy installation of several marine electronic units including Raymarine. EJ has installed a Raymarine Dragonfly on his kayak. It’s a compact unit, but with many of the features found in more expensive sonar units.

To anchor, EJ has installed a Power-Pole Micro Anchor ( on the stern area of his kayak. Unlike the larger Power-Pole, the Micro Anchor’s small compact design with easy installation makes it perfect for a kayak.  “I can actually install my Power-Pole Micro Anchor in sixty seconds with a Phillips head screw driver or take it off,” said EJ.

EJ also has gear tracks on his Coosa HD. “They are designed for the Ram system and utilize Ram Balls where you can use them to hold phones, rod holders, electronics and anything else you want to add on to your kayak. These tracks can be added to the front or back of the kayak,” said EJ.

One thing EJ’s always added to his kayak is a GoPro camera ( to video the action. “You know the GoPro slogan; Be a Hero. So, if it’s not on film; it really didn’t happen right?” said EJ. EJ noted that the Coosa HD does come with the GoPro Gooseneck, but not the camera itself.

Over a short period of time fishing kayaks have changed dramatically. Everything from better elevated seats, padded standing platform and other now standard features; in addition all the accessories available just for fishing kayaks. The end result is now anglers can own and enjoy the ultimate fishing kayak.

Brad Wiegmann

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