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Rod Glove introduced the new series to their lineup of bass fishing equipment protection. A Rod Glove made from Neoprene, the same material used with their baitcaster Reel Glove, called the “Pro Series”. This series is smooth and thick offering the maximum in rod protection. The Pro Series Rod Glove eliminates the problem of eyes protruding through the webbing of nylon rod protectors. Also, since it’s made from Neoprene and sewn, you’ll also quickly notice that the fold necessary with traditional nylon rod protectors is not there, thus your eyelets will not snag when removing the cover.

While the Pro Series Rod Glove is made from black neoprene, Rod Glove uses a trim on the cover that allows you to color coordinate your rods. This allows you as the angler to identify what rod is inside the glove. Very handy when you have a rod locker full of rods and need a specific one. Trim colors are black, red, and blue.

Another added benefit is neoprene repels water. While not a vital concern with an angler who stores rods in a rod locker; for a co-angler, this can be a valuable asset in protection. The resin used on older rods, over time, will start to soak in moisture when present. This is most common in the epoxy used to hold the thread together around the eyelets. This moisture can break down the epoxy over time.

The Pro Series Rod Glove is available in a standard size 5′ 3″, an ‘Extra Long’ which is 6 foot, and finally a spinning rod version.

Many rod protection manufactures have tried to battle the new Micro Guide rods. With the guides being so small, they very easily protrude through the webbing on nylon protectors. This is a thing of the past with the Pro Series, nothing for the guides to poke through. Being made from a solid material the guides are kept under control.

One thing that drives me crazy but I’ve learned to accept it and watch for it, is the fact that hooks quickly penetrate the traditional nylon protectors. Anyone that’s experienced this knows that they don’t come out near as quickly and easily as they go in. The Neoprene, while a hook can still penetrate it, is much more user friendly when it comes to this. Lures don’t grab it as easy. Simply dragging a hook across the Neoprene, there is no penetration. I don’t want to mislead anyone here, a direct hit with a hook and some pressure and it’s going to penetrate. However with simply moving my rods around, carrying them in and out of the house, any normal traveling situations, the protectors didn’t jump out and grab a crankbait like the nylon protectors can do.

Many are familiar with the baitcaster reel gloves, a neoprene cover that fits over your baitcaster when attached to your rod, to protect it from rain, dirt, and road grime. Rod Glove has developed the perfect complement to that cover for Spinning reels. Also, made from heavy duty neoprene, the Spinning Reel Glove easily covers your spinning reel while still on the rod with a fold over flap and Velcro that holds it firmly in place. There is a hole on each side of the cover to accommodate the reel handle on both left and right hand retrieve reels. This is exciting for the spinning gear enthusiasts.

From rods to reels, Rod Glove has it all covered, pun intended. Our equipment is expensive and more of an investment than a hobby. Protecting it from the elements, and the minor dings of traveling is important to keeping rods and reels working as designed. Rod Glove makes a variety of products to protect your equipment, at various prices to accommodate every angler and their specific needs. For more information on these great products visit their website at Rod Glove Pro Series

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