Power Poles, Shallow Water Anchor

Power Pole, Shallow Water Anchor System

Power Pole is a hydraulic arm that reaches the lake bottom and anchors your boat in seconds. The advantages of the Power Pole shallow water anchor system are endless. Since the beginning of fishing, the ability to anchor your boat in a specific position has been the key to successful bass fishing. However, anchors and ropes were cumbersome, awkward to store, and took up vital fishing time to retrieve. The adage, “Necessity is the mother of all invention” applies here. The necessity to stop, or anchor, a boat while fishing, especially bass fishing, brought about revolutionary thinking behind Power Pole.

There are more and more anglers being hooked on the thrill of landing a bass, but it doesn’t stop there. First is catching a quality bass, then comes fishing a tournament, and finally you cash a check in a tournament. Now, you’re hooked. With so many anglers on the water, any advantage that helps you catch more or bigger bass is going to go a long way during a bass tournament weigh in. Enter Power Pole.

Power Pole is a shallow water anchor system that allows you to anchor your boat in a specific spot no matter how the wind, waves, or current are trying to move your boat. Fishing pressure of today, has made bass very conscious of extra noise; trolling motor noise can be a lock jaw trigger for bass. Power Pole has eliminated the need to be constantly operating a trolling motor. There are many reasons that Power Poles will help you catch more bass, and I am going to talk about a few of them. However, catching bass is not the only reason I highly recommend the Power Pole shallow water anchor system, I will also discuss some ways Power Poles protect your investment.

First and foremost, stopping the boat! When the need arises you can stop your boat in just 2-4 seconds depending on how deep the water is. This is a phenomenal edge in your favor. Putting you a step ahead of competitors that don’t utilize Power Poles, and a wary bass. Being able to stop your boat without the noise of trolling motor prop wash, will prevent you from alerting bass of your presence.

Have you ever been fishing along a bank and the wind is blowing you down it too fast, making it difficult to work a productive bait. With Power Poles, you can deploy them and work a section of bank, lift them enough to allow the wind to drift your boat a few feet, and then deploy them again, so you can work your pattern effectively. This keeps you from using a trolling motor, making noise and wearing down your batteries. Wind can be very inconvenient and your best friend at the same time. As we all know, working windblown banks will put bass in your livewell. However, windblown banks are also difficult, in that, boat control requires constant attention. Taking your eyes and mind off of the task at hand to straighten a plastic worm on your hook or retie a bait, much less catch and cull a fish, can put your boat on the bank in a matter of seconds. With Power Poles, you can control your boat much easier, quieter, keeping yourself at the proper casting angles longer with less frustration.

We all can see the advantage while fishing bedding bass. Many will argue that we have effectively fished bedding bass for years without them, which is true. On windy days, it’s nice to be able to deploy the Power Poles and sit in one spot while you work a bass on a bed, that much is obvious. But, what about using the boat to block the wave action. When there is a slight ripple on the water it’s nearly impossible to see a bed, even with the best polarized sunglasses. Use your power poles to set the boat in a position to block the ripple, this clears the surface, and you can see your target again.

Have you ever found bass stacked up on a point. With Power Poles, you can set your boat in the proper position and make repeated casts to the same spot time after time. Wind or not, your boat will drift because of passing traffic, pulling fish and a host of other elements, keeping lined up properly can eat up valuable time. Once you know where you need to cast, set the boat in position and deploy the Power Poles. Now, no matter what happens, your boat is still in the same position and every time you look up to make a cast, that target is right there.

Fishing rivers or areas with tidal current, it is very common to find eddies or areas that hold bass. The Power Poles will allow you to keep your boat still and quiet while you work these targets. Again you’re not using your trolling motor and not wearing down your batteries. Here on the Red River, I have found patterns where I punch heavily matted hyacinths that are just off the main river. These areas have some residual current in them. Using the power poles, I am able to let the current push me through the area and use the Power Poles to stop me when need be.

The examples of how Power Poles can help you catch more bass are endless. When they were first available to bass fisherman, some simple ideas of how they can help, to include fishing bedding bass, came to mind. However, after just a couple months, and I haven’t seen spring yet, I can’t imagine how I successfully fished without them. There is not a day on the water that I don’t use my Power Poles to give me an advantage over my competition.

Something you don’t read about and anglers don’t talk about is how Power Poles help protect your investment; a bass boat is not cheap. Tying off to a docks is not necessary when you have Power Poles. Simple maneuver close enough to step out onto the dock and deploy your poles. Leaving a little space between your boat and the dock will prevent scratches or “Dock Bites” from the wave action of passing boats. It is recommended that you still use a small length of rope to secure you boat; however, you don’t have to pull your boat tight against the dock. Power Poles will prevent your boat from banging against the dock when non-courteous boaters are in the marina. On very windy days, I have pulled up to the dock, tied the bow off and then pushed the back end of the boat back out in the water away from the dock. Then using my remote control, I’ll deploy the Power Poles, this keeps the boat tied off to the dock yet well away from nails, screws, and other boats along the dock.

Here in Northwest Louisiana there are stumps, cypress trees, docks, and numerous other things that will damage your boat should you rub against them. In the past, when I would tie a new bait, cull fish, or make extensive adjustments to equipment; I would have to troll to open water and make sure any drifting the boat would do was free of obstructions. Now with my Power Poles I can simply deploy them and take care of any business at hand, when I’m done I am in the same location and ready to fish again. This comes in very handy when you catch a bass that can cull something in your livewell. Deploy the Power Poles and weigh and cull your fish, when your finished, you’re ready to cast right back to the productive area that just produced a quality fish.

When tournament fishing, especially tournaments with a large number of entrants, directors like to get all boats in the water before safe light. So, when you have a tournament that has 300 competitors, should you be lucky enough to draw out in the first flight, you’ll be required to be in the water nearly two hours prior to the actual launch time. This is just a matter of necessity as it takes a while to launch that many boats, even with a 4 or 5 lane launch ramp. When this happens you can launch your boat, find a place, in the launch area, and put your power poles down. Now you have two hours to work on tackle, get to know your draw partner, eat breakfast, or whatever you might need or want to do without worrying about where or what your boat is doing in the dark. This can be a big advantage to the life of your trolling motor batteries should the wind be blowing, and can save your hull from scratches because you don’t have to beach your boat.

As I mentioned earlier, the list of advantages with Power Poles is endless. In the coming months, I will be publishing articles about specific bass catching techniques, that, Power Poles will put you a cut above the rest of your competition on tournament day.

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