Montauk Tackle Funnel Neck Performance Shirt

One of my favorite cold weather clothing items for bass fishing is, what I call, a neck gator. It’s a small tube of material that is slid over your head and around the neck. It keeps your neck considerably warmer than any jacket collar. It’s also great for pulling up over your nose when running down the lake on a cold morning. They are simply amazing.

I found a new product on the market that combined a neck gator with a moisture wicking long sleeve shirt; it’s called a Funnel Neck Performance shirt by Montauk Tackle. Montauk Tackle Performance Shirts The funnel of this shirt rests perfectly on your neck and shoulders while wearing the shirt. The material is so lightweight you don’t even notice it’s there, other than the lack of a cold breeze.

The funnel has several different uses. First is the neck protection. Since the shirt and gator are a single piece, body heat doesn’t escape and cold air has nowhere to seep through. The funnel provides complete head protection as well. It is large enough to stretch completely over the back of your head and rest on your forehead. This coverage is fantastic when making a run down the lake. No more dragging headgear out of the storage compartment, simply pull your funnel up. At the same time, you can pull the front part up over your nose and protect your cheeks and nostrils from the elements. Having the funnel over your mouth makes it much easier to breathe in sub-freezing temperatures when traveling across the lake in a bass boat. Even with all this capability, the funnel collapses nicely around your shoulders when not being used. The material is so light it’s not noticeable.

In creating a true all in one shirt, Montauk Tackle incorporated extra-long sleeves with thumbholes. Montauk Tackle describes these sleeve and thumbholes as extra protection for your hands from the elements, which is very true. However, I found them extremely handy for preventing the sleeve from bunching while putting on multiple layers of clothing. You don’t have to palm the sleeve while putting on additional shirts or a jacket. For those preferring not to use the thumbhole, simply push the cuff up on your wrist. The cuff elastic is strong enough to keep the sleeve off your hands.

The thumbholes kept the sleeve in place throughout the day. They did not feel restrictive, to be honest, I forgot the extra sleeve was on the back of my hand most of the day. The extended sleeve works fantastic for cold days, as well as bright sunny days to protect your hands from the harsh elements.

The shirt is made with a very light material, after a full day of fishing I was still comfortable. There was no restricted or cooped up feeling normally associated with multiple layers of winter clothing. Fishing on 20 to 50 degree days with mild ten knot wind, I was very comfortable with the Funnel Neck as my only undergarment. On top of it, I only wore my tournament jersey and my normal fishing jacket. I’m a firm believer there is a large difference in overall body temperature if wind and cold air is kept off the neck area. When the neck is kept warm, extensive undergarments may not always be necessary.

Overall the Funnel Neck Shirt is cut very well and is very comfortable to wear. Lots of room where needed, no binding or bunching. Sizing is right on par. I normally buy extra-large shirts and did so with the Funnel Neck. I’m very pleased with the fit.

Montauk Tackle also provides clothing for women. My wife ordered a standard long sleeve shirt. She was very pleased with all aspects of the shirt. Cut and fit are form fitting for women. Unlike most fishing garment suppliers, Montauk designed a line specifically to fit the ladies of our sport. The ladies’ apparel should be a big hit. I’m continually asked where to purchase ladies outdoors clothing, until now I didn’t have an answer. Most retailers simply create smaller sizes of the men’s styles and call them ladies’ apparel. Ask any women in your life, and you’ll find out that this is not a comfortable solution for them.

The shirts have proven to be durable. My wife and I have worn and washed these shirts multiple times, with no signs of wear or fading. I don’t know how, but all my fishing clothing develops small loops apparently from the material snagging on a variety of things. The Montauk Funnel Neck is amazingly still snag free, even with the extra-long sleeves covering the back of my hands.

Montauk Tackle’s website is very clean and easy to navigate. Finding the products is simple. Montauk’s website is also loaded with informative articles on various types of fishing; you’re sure to find something that interests you. Be sure to check the “Where to Buy” page, Montauk has many retailers across the country carrying their clothing line.

All Montauk Tackle clothing is American Made on Long Island N.Y. All the performance gear from Montauk is made with 50+ UPF, Moisture Wicking, Stain Release and Anti Microbial technologies. I’m enjoying my Funnel Neck Performance shirt by Montauk Tackle. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great shirt to protect against the wind and sun while fishing.

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